Confession: Rape victim relates killing attacker with acid

– A rape victim has described how she took brutal
revenge on her attacker
– After she was raped, the Abuja woman douzed her
assailant in acid killing him
– She alleges she did not intend to kill him but only
ensure she was not attacked again
A 31-year-old businesswoman from Abuja, named as Nneka
Nwachukwu of Dape Village, has told a high court how she
poured acid on a man named as Peter Nwogu because he
raped her.
Nwachukwu told the court yesterday that Nwogu had
broken into her house and forced himself on her.
The defendant was first arraigned on April 11, 2014 for
culpable homicide contrary to Section 221 of the Penal
She said that on December 1, 2013, she left her house to
attend a town meeting at Wuse and came back around 10
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“When I came back, I warmed my food which I came back
with, then I went to see my landlord, Ikechukwu Obi, to pay
my house rent,” Nwachukwu said.
“I came back to my room and saw Peter Nwogu, who is my
church member in my room. He told me that he travelled
but could not reach home because it was late.
“I welcomed him as a church member and he then asked
me if I have food. I gave him the food I warmed and I went
to take my bath.”
The defendant said when she came back from the
bathroom, she saw the deceased wearing only boxer
shorts, whereupon he charged at her.
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“I tried to stop him, but he didn’t. We argued and in the
process, he forced me to sleep with him. I was shouting, but
nobody heard me,” she said.
“I bit him and he bit me too. He was so strong that I had to
pour acid on him. That was in my room. I then ran out to
my landlord’s room.’’
Continuing on, she said she explained what happened and
asked for help. The landlord then followed and saw the
deceased who asked for help.
“The deceased asked my landlord to give him water. My
landlord took his clothes from my room and gave him and I
went to church to tell my parish priest what happened,” she
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“I did not know that the acid I poured on him will lead to his
death. I kept the acid in my room because I had been a
victim of rape and there have been complaints of break-ins
in my area.
“On December 2, I went to Life Camp Police Station, Abuja,
to report the matter but I was told that the matter has been
reported as the deceased was already dead.”
The case has been adjourned the matter until July 1 for
further hearing.