Shocking: This man says President Buhari will not return from his trip to London (video)

Following President Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to
extend his stay in London after his treatment on an ear
infection, Nigerians have expressed their grievances.
The Nigerian president was expected back in the country on
Thursday, June 16, following the expiration of the 10-day
vacation in London to treat an ear infection.
But Nigerians were stunned Thursday morning when the
vice president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo informed that the
president would be returning on Sunday, 19 June instead.

Some believe the presidency is not truthful to the citizens
about the state of the president’s health as his continuous
stay in the UK suggests that he is not fully fit after the
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a missing bridge went on the streets to gather people’s reactions
on the sudden change of plans and this unidentified man
said President Buhari would not return to the country.
According to him: “The president is very ill, he is very sick.”
The man who spoke angrily also noted that the president
already wrote to the Senate that Professor Osinbajo should
continue acting as the president pending when he would be
back from his vacation, adding that “even if he returns, he
will not assume office.”
Do you think this man is right with his statement?