7 things Nigerian ladies expect you to do while toasting them

The men of this generation do not know how to read in
between the lines when dealing with women. They
expect everything to play out smoothly and easily when
they meet some Nigerian ladies.
Nigerian ladies on the other hand have too much integrity
they can hardly bear with putting a strand of it at stake.
They enjoy the constant attention they get from men even
though they know what they want from the very beginning.
To most of them, it is a way of reassuring themselves in
order to
know how the way they thrive when it comes to the
opposite sex.
Men generally lack the patience to discover the pattern with
which the ladies operate. They are quick to judge and some
of them give up rather too easily. Patience is indeed a
virtue and the women expect the men to dog after them all
their lives till they say yes and get the relationship going.
Most women know there would be a time when the men’s
euphoria would wash away when it comes to them and they
are ,most likely to treat them anyhow based on familiarity.
Thus, find below some of the things Nigerian ladies want
you to do while toasting them:
1. Never get tired of doing the chasing
Trust us when we say this is an interesting game to the
ladies. To many Nigerian ladies, the time they get to enjoy
most when they meet new guys is that time when the guys
are doing the chasing; they enjoy the high level of attention,
commitment, generosity, love and affection they get from
men while they are toasting them or asking them out.
Therefore, you are expected to keep running after them;
you should not be weary or relent in the effort you are
putting in while doing this.
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2. Find what they love and keep doing it
While many of these Nigerian ladies may not actually tell
you what they want you to do in order not to be seen as
being materialistic, they expect you to develop certain skills
that will help you discover what they really like and keep
doing it.
This would help them in their decision-making process; and
in some cases, it may help them discover another use for
you. It is essential for you to shower them with money at
this stage so they would know you are capable of adding
their responsibilities to yours.
3. Hang around, their ‘NO’ could be momentary
The older generation believes it is not ideal for a lady to
quickly give in to a man’s advances. This means that some
of the ladies would like you and would be tempted to say
yes the moment you ask them out.
However, they have to act ladylike and in accordance with
the sentimental expectations of the society. Thus, they
would say ‘No’ at first and expect you to hang around until
the second toasting phase starts. If you were told no and
moved on to the next available lady, the conclusion would
be that you are a playboy. Therefore, hang around!
4. Talk and chat dirty with her
While you do not want to strike her as some randy guy, she
also expects you to show signs that you are a happening
guy. This means you will occasionally send her mild dirty
texts that you can be sure she would borrow airtime from
her service provider in order to reply you.
Nigerian ladies expect you to understand their coyness and
play this little dirty game with them.
5. Engage her with chats
Nigerian ladies expect you to have the whole time in the
world for them; this means you have to be able to keep
them active with chats and all. Be on one or two social
networking sites that they love and chat with them round
the clock.
If a woman finds you interesting, she would keep
responding to you until she gets a confirmation in her head
that you both are meant for each other. However, if she
does not respond to your chat, that means you have
succeeded in boring her out.
6. Find one or two mutual friends that she respects
Nigerian ladies are becoming more sensitive to things
happening around them. Most times, they expect you to
know someone they know that will act as a shield for them.
This mutual friend would make you bond faster with them
as they would be more comfortable being around you. If
the mutual friend is someone she respects, this would add
to your rep and speed up the whole process.
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7. Be that dream man of every woman
Many Nigerian ladies expect the men they meet to be that
perfect man that every lady would want to crush on. The
only problem is that they do not really hand out guides on
how to make you become the perfect man that would suit
their tastes.
So while asking them out, they want to see certain traits and
qualities that would help them ascertain if the relationship
would be a long term or short term affair.