Disaster in Abakiliki, as rainstorm hits Ebonyi state

– A rainstorm has wrecked havoc in Abakiliki
– The flood submerged houses, vehicles and farmland
– Ogbaga road, Udensi, Mile 50 and Nkaliki were the
worst hit
The flood destroyed food crops and properties worth
millions of Naira in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state capital. Houses,
vehicles, roads and farmlands were reportedly submerged.

Dead fowl in a poultry farm following
floods that hit Abakiliki. Photo: NAN
Sources reveal that the downpour which began on
Saturday, June 11, lasted till the early hours of Sunday,
June 12.
Many residents, especially those living close to water
channels within the metropolis, were sacked from their
homes, following the down pour, while some homes had
their roofs blown off by wind that accompanied the rain.
The locations most affected were Ogbaga Road, Udensi
Street, St. Patrick Road, Hill Top, Mile 50, Nkaliki, Ogbe
Hausa, Ogoja Road among others.
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Some new generation churches, located at the bank of the
river close to Water Works Road, were also affected. Also,
owners of shops and residential houses at Ogboaga Road,
Iyiokwu Avenue, Onwe Road and Hilltop Avenue also lost
properties to the flood.
Vanguard reports that the Iyi-Udele River that runs through
the middle of the town, was flooded as buildings located 30
metres away from the river bank, were flooded, leading to
some walls and buildings almost caving in.
One of the victims, Mr John Oke who spoke to newsmen,
said that he has lost everything in his house, including his
vital documents, to the flood.
He said: “We woke up to see everywhere submerged in
water. In fact, I had to smuggle my children out of our
compound. We were lying on top of water as our
mattresses were soaked with water.”