President Buhari and his vice, Osinbajo, would have problem – Primate Ayodele predicts

Editor’s note: Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, the head
and the spiritual leader of Inri Spiritual and Evangelical
Church, Oke-Afa, Isolo, Lagos, is almost done with his new
set of new prophecies and warnings. The next edition of the
annual ‘Warning to the Nations’ book by his church is
expected in July 2016. Most of the crucial predictions are
also published in newspapers and online media, including Sunday Vanguard has recently met the man of
God to review some of the past prophecies. Read the
abstracts below:
About deaths:
WTN 2014/15 edition: The spirit of God said Americans must
rebuke the loss of a prominent boxer.
Mohammed Ali died in the USA on June 3, 2016.
WTN 2015/16 edition: Nollywood should rebuke death of
one of their members.
The Nollywood actress Henrietta Kosoko died on June 6,
About Buhari:
December 30, 2015: God is angry with Nigeria, that it is the
reason things were not going on well with the country.
Prophets across Nigeria should to pray for the country as
President Muhammadu Buhari alone could not do it.
However, President Buhari and his vice, Osinbajo would
have problem.
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Buhari will fight Obasanjo, Tinubu
About the PDP and consequences of its defeat:
WTN 2015/16 edition: PDP will undergo changes and needs
prayers to escape crisis.
After the removal of PDP from office, militants will arise
from Niger Delta who will be worse than Boko Haram
because they will do what Boko Haram did not do.
The former ruling party has a long-lasting leadership crisis,
while Niger Delta Avengers and other militant groups
intensified their bombings and sabotage activities in the
end of May 2016.
About the Fulani attacks:
WTN 2014/15 edition: Enugu state must work hard against
violence and destruction.
Hundreds of Fulani herdsmen raided communities in Enugu
in April 2016.
About the Igbos:
WTN 2015/16 edition: The Igbo must be watchful not to
cause problems and complications for themselves.
Only recently, on May 30, 32 pro-Biafra protesters have
been killed in south-east Nigeria.
About the Chibok girls:
WTN 2015/16 edition: Some of the abducted girls will be
A Chibok girl has been rescued and even met President
Buhari on May 19, 2016.
About post-UTME
WTN 2014/15 edition: Post-UTME test will be scrapped.
The federal government announced the move on June 2,
2016, set university cut-off marks at 180.