Defence contract scam: Group extol Nigeria military

– The Advocates of Social Justice for All (ASJA) said the
sack of senior officers by the Nigerian military for
partisanship is commendable
– The organization said the sacked officers should be
made to return all the salaries
and entitlements they received during the period in

Some soldiers of the Nigerian military
An organization, Advocates of Social Justice for All (ASJA)
has commended the Nigeria military over the recent sack of
some of its senior officers for meddling with politicians.
In a statement signed by the president of the ASJA, Torkuma
Asogo, the organization said the sack of these senior
officers is a show of determination by the military
leadership of its commitment to transparency.
Asogo said the military leadership has also shown its
desire to sanitise the institution which in the past had had
a downward slide to the abyss of corruption.
He said the disengagement of these officers who were
sacked for various offences including their participation in
the last 2015 general election and their involvement in the
famous defence contract scam would serve as a deterrent
to all personnel of the military.
Asogo also said the sack would return sanity and
professionalism to the Nigerian military.
ASJA commended the bravery of honesty of military-
presidential panel led by a major general, Adeniyi
Asogo however, condemned in totality the involvement of
senior military and security chiefs in Nigeria in political
He said these senior officers have “advertently polluted the
security architecture with bad eggs”.
He further called on all others security institutions in
Nigeria to take a cue from the Nigerian military and sack
such officers.
“It is unfortunate that the Nigerian Military allowed these
officers to stay on and perfected their succession plans,
unlike the Department of State Services that acted swiftly
based on public opinion to weed the polluted eggs out, we
still believe that the most appropriate thing to do is to
commence legal procedure against them in a court of
law.” Asogo said.
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Asogo called on the Nigerian government to ensure that the
affected officers return their salaries and all entitlements
received within the period in view to the treasury.
He said the officers through their partisanship and
unprofessional conduct lost their right to salary from the
federal government.
The Advocates of Social Justice for All has threatened also
that perchance the affected military officers fail to comply
to their demands the group will be forced to take legal
action including petitions to the Economic and Financial
Crimes Commission (EFCC).
ASJA also called on President Muhammadu Buhari steer a
non selective, professional and strategic reforms to eschew
the possibility of double edge characters hiding in the
service to give the entire country a bad name through their
actions and in actions.
On Friday, June 10, the Nigerian military announced the
compulsory retirement of some of its senior officers
including generals for their unprofessional conduct and
involvement in the last 2015 general election and the
popular defence contract scam.
The sack of the officers follows a recommendation by a
presidential-military panel led by a major general in the