Wise parable of the Power of Love and the wonders it does!

Wish to be strong? Learn about the amazing and all
conquering power of love!
One man wanted to be very strong. He asked God for power
and absence of fear and ability to cope with anything he
faces. He prayed for a long time and imagined how God
would make him so strong and tough that no one would
match his abilities. God heard his request.

Once he met another man who told him:
“The power is in love. Go to the desert, visit woods and act
there being guided by the wholehearted love.”
The man did not understand the stranger, but he went to
the desert. He had no clue of how love could help him. He
walked the desert and met no one there. The sun was
burning hard on him; there was no water. He had no more
strength to go on. When he was about to quit, he
remembered the power of love. “Ok, I am going to die
anyway. So, I’ll spend what is left to send this world the
message of love and gratitude, because I really loved this
life. I should not have wanted to become strong. I just had
to love my life, and that’s it.”

So the man started to speak out his love for life, the sun,
and the desert. The love has melted his soul, and he
stopped feeling the heat of the desert. He got more strength
and was much surprised. He moved on singing a song and
saw a forest far away. The love has helped the man to go
through the desert and stay alive.
He went on not knowing that his death waited behind the
next bush. There was a snake there ready to strike. When
the snake moved to bite him, his hearts automatically
started pouring out love. Then he saw a miracle: the snake
turned away and did not hurt him. The man moved
He cheered up a bit comprehending the power of love. He
did not focus on loving himself, but those he met on his
way. He entered the woods with joy in his heart. But he got
scared in the wild. Something was walking and flying over
his head. He heard some creepy noises. The fear
immobilized him. He thought: “I am going to die now.” Then
he heard the roaring of a beast right next to him. But he
remembered about the power of love again!
Once more he started pouring out and expressing his love
for the woods and the beasts in it. He saw another miracle.
The fear passed away. The man felt that the woods were
created by God as a wonderful living house. It is inhabited
by many of God’s creatures. So, he went on. Nothing
touched him, and as the dawn came, he realized the
amazing power of love. He knew there was nothing more
potent than the Love. No arrow of the enemy can hurt you
if you love them. Even animals can understand the
language of love and stop killing each other.
The whole nature feels love and responds to it. It rewards
the evil ones with trouble. The man thanked the Lord for
giving him the joy in his heart and returned with that love

Love has the power to make whole the broken and
distressed things and people. Use it to change this world for