Africa Live: Buhari seeks medical treatment in London, Kenya protest ‘killings’

Nigeria’s leader to be treated for ear infection, Kenya
opposition supporters “shot dead”, AU troops arrested and
other African news updates.
Nigeria’s 73-year-old leader to see ear specialist in London
AU troops in Somalia accused of selling military equipment
Opposition protest in Kenya against electoral commission
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Monday 6 June 2016
Live reporting
By Clare Spencer and Farouk Chothia
Warning to EU about working with Omar al-Bashir
The New Statesmen reported last month that leaked
proposals by the European Union aimed to give aid
to Sudan, lead by Omar al-Bashir to curb migration to
But the Dutch peace organisation Pax warns today this could
actually have the opposite affect – as it isn’t tackling conflicts
in Darfur, South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Eastern Sudan.
PAX goes on to say in a statement that the new EU aid to
Sudan Could “improve the capacities of an abusive regime”.
Kenya protesters ‘wounded’
Six protesters in Kenya’s western city of Kisumu are being
treated in hospital for gunshot wounds, the Red Cross has
said, AFP news agency reports.
Police and protesters have clashed in the city as the
opposition Coalition for Reforms and Democracy protest
nationwide against the electoral commission, accusing it of
Dead protester’s body ‘used to close road’
Kenya’s Daily Nation newspaper is reporting about the
situation in the western town of Kisumu following clashes
between police and protesters:
Reporter Achola Simon has taken these pictures of the scene
The presidents who get medical treatment abroad
The news that Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari
appears to be seeking medical treatment abroad is nothing
new for an African president.
We tend to learn that other presidents have travelled abroad
to get medical treatment after they die in hospital.
In 2012 Guinea-Bissau’s President Malam Bacai Sanha died
in hospital in France.
The South Africa’s Mail and Guardian newspaper gave
Zambia “the dubious distinction” of having two sitting
presidents die abroad.
President Levy Mwanawasa died in France in 2008 and
Michael Sata in the UK in 2014.
And current President Edgar Lungu has also
travelled abroad for a throat operation in 2015.
Algeria’s President Abdelaziz Bouteflika spent nearly three
months in France getting medical treatment after a mini-
stroke in 2013. Then three years later he had five days of
medical treatment in Switzerland.
And most recently, Zimbabwe’s News Day reports that their
President Robert Mugabe was in Singapore last week, where
they say he frequently gets medical treatment.
‘Two dead’ in Kenya
At least two protesters have been shot dead at an opposition
rally held in western Kenya’s Kisumu city to demand the
dissolution of the election commission, an opposition
official has said, Reuters news agency reports.
Police fired into the air to disperse a crowd trying to march
to the commission’s offices in Kisumu, a witness is quoted
by Reuters as saying.
“We have confirmed two people shot dead,” said Dennis
Onyango, spokesman for opposition leader Raila Odinga.
Mr Odinga is expected to run against President Uhuru
Kenyatta in election next year. He wants the commission to
replaced, saying it is biased.
SA dismisses US terror threat
South Africa is not under “immediate danger” of attack by
militant Islamists, State Security Minister David Mahlobo has
On Saturday, the US issued a terror alert, warning that
militants were planning to attack places where US citizens
congregated, like shopping malls in Johannesburg and Cape
Town, ahead of the Islamic month of Ramadan, which
begins in South Africa on Tuesday.
“We remain a strong and stable democratic country and
there is no immediate danger posed by the alert,” Mr
Mahlobo said in a statement.
South Africa’s News24 site says the US embassy came under
criticism on Sunday from the Department of International
Affairs spokesman Clayson Monyela for issuing the alert.
“The last advisory by @USEmbassySA to US citizens in SA
warning of an ‘imminent attack’ proved to be a false alarm. I
see there’s another 1,” the tweet said.
The tweet was later deleted.
Buhari ‘s health announcement: Was it too late?
Jimeh Saleh
BBC Hausa service acting editor
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s ear infection was
first reported by local media last month after he cancelled
an official trip to the commercial capital, Lagos.
But hours after the report, a presidential spokesman issued
a statement insisting that the 73-year-old was “hale and
hearty” saying he couldn’t make it to Lagos simply because
of “scheduling difficulties”.
Concerns over Mr Buhari’s health also grew after he
cancelled a much publicised trip to the oil-rich Niger Delta
last week.
The presidency has been tight lipped since then until last
night’s confirmation of the rumours.
Many think news of their president’s illness should have first
come from an official source rather the grapevine.
When he was asked about his trip as he boarded a flight for
London, Mr Buhari said: “Is there anyone who doesn’t fall
Somali president arrives in Dadaab refugee camp
The BBC’sBashkas Jugsodaay has taken these pictures of
Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh
Mohamud arriving at Dadaab refugee camp in north-
eastern Kenya:
Kenya has said it plans to close the complex by November
and repatriate some 300,000 Somali refugees.
The Somali president will later travel to Nairobi to meet his
Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta to discuss the decision.
‘One killed’ in Kenyan opposition protest
We are getting reports that one person has died at
opposition protests in Kisumu, western Kenya.
We have not verified the reports yet, but this is one of
various tweets giving details:
The protesters are demanding the electoral body be
scrapped and a new one be appointed.
The Citizen reports that one of the leaders in the opposition
alliance is threatening to increase the frequency of protests:
AU’s Ramadan message
The African Union chief has sent out a message on Twitter to
coincide with the Islamic holy month of
Ramadan, when Muslims fast from dawn to sunset:
Why do African leaders go abroad for medical
In our 09:04 post we reported that Nigeria’s President
Muhammadu Buhari will take off the next 10 days to “rest”
in London and to undergo treatment for an ear infection.
So we asked on our Facebook page why African leaders
have to go abroad for medical treatment and have had
many responses.
Here are a few.
Yangora Adam Mani from Nigeria says:
Rfred Manjawira from Malawi says:
Mark Scholes argues:
Victor Kelechi from Nigeria adds:
Because our hospitals have been ill equipped. I guess due to
persistent corruption and the quest for a more classic
luxurious life by our leaders, so they always want the best
treatment overseas.”
Self denial, self hate and inferiority complex. Anything that
comes from the West is the best. And it’s also because they
can’t deliver good health services in their countries. Shame on
African leaders.”
Because they can’t be bothered to build such hospitals in
Africa. They are selfish leaders.”
The annoying aspect is that the Nigerian presidential villa
clinic got the highest budget allocation this year, but it is not
good enough for the president.”
AU troops caught ‘red-handed’
Somalia’s police chief Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Hamud said
the African Union (AU) soldiers were caught “red-handed”
selling military equipment to civilians, including petrol,
sandbags and detonators.
The five had been under surveillance for a while, and police
had been investigating “repeated claims” that equipment
and other resources meant for AU troops were “ending up in
the hands of people who were misusing them”, he told
reporters in the capital, Mogadishu.
It’s the first time that AU forces are arrested in Somalia since
they were deployed nine years ago.
Somalia’s Interior Minister Abdirizak Omar Mohamed said it
was clear that AU forces were involved in illegal trade:
It may also explain why insecurity in increasing in Somalia.
We have arrested those who were involved and we will bring
them to book.”
AU troops ‘arrested’ in Somalia
Ibrahim Aden
BBC Africa, Mogadishu
Somalia’s security forces have arrested five African Union
peacekeepers and 10 Somalis for allegedly selling military
supplies, Somali police have said.
The nationalities of the peacekeepers have not been
disclosed and it is not clear whether the Somalis were
civilians or soldiers.
The AU force in Somalia said on Twitter:
Buhari has ear infection
Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari will take off the
next 10 days to “rest” in London and to undergo treatment
for an ear infection, his office has said.
Speculation about the 73-year-old president’s health has
been growing for weeks after he cancelled three official
“President Buhari will take 10 days off and travel to London
from Monday June 6th, to rest,” his spokesman Femi
Adesina said in a statement.
“During the holiday, the president will see an ear, nose and
throat specialist for a persistent ear infection.”
Mr Buhari had been examined by his personal physician
and a specialist in Nigeria and both “recommended further
evaluation purely as a precaution,” the statement added.
Kenyan protesters block roads
Kenyan opposition protesters have blocked roads
with burning tyres in the western city of Kisumu, reports
Reuters news agency.
They are demanding the electoral body quit.
The police chief in the capital Nairobi had warned people
not to come to the planned protest.
“Don’t come, then you start talking about police brutality.
Life is dear! Please, if you value your life, don’t attempt it
that way. You will be dealt with firmly” said Japheth
But people have reacted on Twitter by dubbing today