Governor El-Rufai under fire for ignoring beheading in Kano

– Governor Nasir El-Rufai expressed his sad feelings
about the sudden demise of Muhammad Ali
– Nigerians blasted the governor for mourning the
death of the legendary boxer but ignoring the
beheading in Kano state

Governor Nasir El-Rufai has come under fire for mourning
the death Muhammad Ali but ignoring the beheading in
Nigerians have strongly criticized Governor Nasir El-Rufai
for mourning the death of Muhammad Ali but ignoring the
beheading in Kano state.
On Saturday, June 4, the governor took to his Facebook to
express his feelings about the sudden demise of the
legendary boxer.
“SAD, VERY SAD: I woke up this morning to learn of the
death of boxing legend, civil rights icon and an inspiration
to my generation – Muhammad Ali.
“His life inspired many if us to insist on standing firmly on
basic life principles, prepare to suffer for what we believe
and expect victory after adversity.
“May the Almighty Allah grant Muhammad Ali’s soul abode
in Aljannah Firdaus, Amin,” he wrote.
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The post provoked massive negative reactions from
“Muhammad Ali is millions of miles away from you yet his
death saddens you but yesterday, in your backyard, in
Kano state precisely,a woman was murdered in cold blood
by blood thirsty Muslims and it saddens you NOT ???
Otherwise you would have put a simple statement
condemning it, sympathize with the family maybe but at
least condemn the killing since Islam is rumored to be a
religion of peace! But Muhammad Ali whom you don’t know
dies peacefully and it saddens you? Hypocrisy is a disease
because it involves one lying to one’s self,” Chigozie
‘Governator noted.
“It is hypocritical that your brothers beheaded a woman in
Kano state and you didn’t deem it fit to condemn such act
and you are here reporting the death of Mohammed Ali.
God will not forgive Lugard for this 1914 mistake. Useless
set of God forsaken people,” Collins Ohaeri stressed.
“If Muhammad Ali were alive today he would write about
you and say: This dwarf is a bumbling fool. He is trying to
use me to look cool. They murdered a woman, he was
quiet. Now he wants to wish me a good night,” Hymar Idibie
David wrote.
“No I woke up to hear of an innocent woman in Nigeria that
was beheaded in Kano, a neigbouring state to Kaduna. Mr
Governor did you read about it too? She is my legend. Her
innocent blood will soonest destroy Kano state,” Offem
Ken warned El-Rufai.
“My dear governor, what about the woman that was
beheaded. You didn’t wake up with surprise, nobody has
come out to condemn the killing of that innocent soul. Even
her head was paraded on the street while our security
operatives watch…” Tosin Adeleye lamented.
“You mourn the death of Mohammed Ali, a boxing legend,
but remain mute over the beheading of an innocent woman
in Kano. All the killings and butchering of innocent
easterners which your Fulani kinsmen have been carrying
in the past is not enough for you to sympathize with the
beleaved families. We pray that you will never go back to
government house come 2019,” Sunny John Daniels wrote.