President Buhari under intense pressure to sack ministers, aides over lack of performance

– President Muhammadu Buhari will complete one year
in office on Sunday, May 29
– Buhari is said to be under pressure to rejig his
– Some of the president’s aides have been accused of
As May 29 approaches, President Buhari is said to be under
immense pressure to sack some of his aides and ministers
for lack of performance.
A report by Nigerian Pilot reveals that a performance
evaluation reports confidentially carried out by a select
committee advised the president to “reorganise his

Has President Buhari lost faith is some of his aides and
The president is said to have been upset by reports of
disagreements among his appointees, non-performance of
most of them and the allegations of corrupt practices that
has been made against some of them.
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Buhari’s government, says it is nonsense
A source in the presidency said: ”He is really pained that
persons recommended by his party and friends of the
government are not performing.
”They are self-serving and some of them have corruption
allegations hanging around their necks that the whole
scenario has become an embarrassment to the president
and his administration.”
Speaking on the recent comments by British prime
minister, David Cameron who described Nigeria as
“fantastically corrupt,” the source noted that it was a
huge embarrassment to the president.
”Yes, the president managed the embarrassment with
diplomatic equanimity. But it did not mean that it was not
an embarrassment to him, his government and the country.
”As a statesman who knows his onions he managed the
fallouts very well. But it just will not end there. He saw it as
a challenge to clean the dirty stable. The needful has to be
done,” the source said.
More worryingly for the president is the evidence of some
ministers openly disagreeing with his administration’s
position on critical national issues.
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Buhari came under attack
In such cases, the government had been made to ”go the
extra mile to issue statements to correct such bungling,
thereby casting our confidence in doubts in the mind of the
Nigerian public.
”Also, many of them work at cross purposes with mandated
direction as if they were not well briefed on their schedules
before they assumed duty.
”President Buhari cannot watch as his cabinet, the
government and his party, consciously and unconsciously
bungle APC’s success at polls. He has to stop the bitterness
and hostilities among his appointees,” the source said.
Only recently, a minister and his junior minister reportedly
almost engaged each other in fisticuffs over allegations of
insubordination by the latter for the former, a major issue
which reports say almost snowballed into a messy
The president is also said to be concerned about the loads
of complaints from the Nigerian public and the
international community on the performance of his
”They lack initiative and are always waiting for the
president to direct them before they are jolted to act. There
is the belief that there is too much eye service around here.
”The president does not want to see their faces as often as
they wish. All he needs is for them to work and deliver.
Some of them even claim they are scared not to make
mistakes that would offend the president. But they have not
been seen to be trying to perform in the first case, ”
another source squealed.
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Also of concern to the president is the corruption
allegations hanging over the head of many of his
appointees. Buhari is said to be decided on relieving them
of their appointment so his anti-corruption war will be
taken seriously.
“Some of them hold the last signing of the 2016 budget as
excuse for non-performance. That was expected. But is that
a tenable excuse when they have not been able to
streamline operations in their respective ministries and the
parastatals under them?” one presidential aide asked.