How to Include Android N Features on Lollipop and Marshmallow

I know that most of you are already anticipating the
android 7.0 N operating system. However, developers
preview for Android N is available for Nexus devices.
Therefore, if you’re a Nexus user, you can enjoy the
developers preview version of Android N on your Nexus
device .
The android 7.0 N comes with quite amazing features and
you can easily integrate these features on your android
device that is currently running on android lollipop or
android marshmallow operating system. I’m also aware
that not all nexus device supports the developers preview
android N, but as far as your device runs on lollipop or
marshmallow, then I advise you try this integration.
There’s an xposed module codenamed “Android N-ify”
which helps to enhance your android lollipop &
marshmallow devices with the latest Android N features.
Some of the integrated Android N features include, settings
tile summary and double tap on recent app button to
switch to last app. The developer of the Android N-ify got
some other big plans for the Android N-ify project as
millions of non-Android N devices will begin to experience
Android N without upgrading their operating system.
Features like doze mode when phone is being used,
emergency info on lock screen, new notification layout,
navigation drawer in settings and night mode are being
worked on.
To install Android N-ify on your lollipop or marshmallow
device, you’ve to make sure the Xposed framework is
installed on your device. I already published guide on how
to install Xposed framework on Android 5.0 lollipop, so
lollipop users can go through the guide. Android
marshmallow users can check this XDA guide here to install
Xposed framework on marshmallow.
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using these quick steps
Once you’ve installed Xposed framework on your device,
download the Android N-ify module here and go back to
your Xposed framework and enable the android N-ify
module. Restart your device, launch the android N-ify
module and enjoy android 7.0 N features on your lollipop
& marshmallow devices.