Boko Haram gives new condition for Chibok schoolgirls’ release

– Boko Haram militants are willing to discuss surrender
and release of the Chibok schoolgirls
– “Only a third of the girls remained as the rest have
been martyred
,” Boko Haram militant said
According to Nigerian newspaper Leadership, the world’s
deadliest terror group is ready to drop their arms,
negotiate a surrender and release the remaining hostages
provided that they would not be killed or prosecuted.
Amir Muhammad Abdullahi, a senior Boko Haram militant,
said: “We want to surrender because things are getting
worse.” He added that neither the Nigerian army nor Boko
Haram was winning the battle.
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Haram terrorist is (photos)
According to the terrorist, only a third of the girls are alive,
while “the rest have been martyred”.
Jeff Okoroafor, spokesperson for the Bring Back Our Girls
(BBOG) campaign group, has refused to believe the latest
He said: “We stand by Amina’s report. Until we get some
more concrete and verifiable, we will hold on to what she
has said that only six of the girls have died and others are
still alive.”
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According to Amina Ali Nkeki, who was among the 219 girls
abducted from Chibok secondary school in Borno state
and rescued earlier this week, six of the kidnapped girls
had died but the rest were still in the Sambisa forest where
she was found.
In all, 218 girls remain missing since they were seized by
the Islamist milltant group Boko Haram. In March t errorists
has released a “proof of life” video showing 15 of the
kidnapped girls .