If APC continues the way it is doing, PDP will win the presidency – Ex-minister

Alhaji Adamu Maina Waziri, a former minister of police
affairs, has spoken on the 2015 presidential election
and explained why the opposition party may win in

Adamu Maina Waziri
In the interview granted to Daily Sun, Wasiri stressed that
despite the loss in the election, members of the Peoples
Democratic Party would “fight for the soul of the PDP”,
come back in 2019 and perform better than they performed
in 2015.
When asked why some party’s members spoke against
Jonathan’s candidature, while others openly campaigned
for the ex-president in the last election, Waziri said:
“There are always two sides to the coin. We had people who
campaigned for Jonathan and we lost. Those people are
now saying, yes, we made a mistake. We had people who
didn’t campaign for Jonathan and we lost. They are now
saying we told you so. But the target is to redeem the party.
First, PDP must take responsibility for what has happened.
We should not be living in self-denial. PDP should come to
terms with its past misdeeds and offer the necessary
apologies and entreaties to Nigerians. At the end of the day,
no matter what you do, you are a human being, you are
bound to make mistakes. Let us accept that we made
mistakes and amend the mistakes we made by not falling
into traps.”
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“I assure you that we will fight for the soul of PDP. Unlike
what happened in 2014, 2015, this time around, we will not
exit the party. We will remain in PDP.”
Speaking further, the ex-minister noted that the PDP is
hopelessly weak now and needs to be rebuilt to regain its
“Nobody is saying that the PDP must reclaim the
presidency and 24 states it had in 2019. What we are saying
is that we want to restrategise, regain our strength so that
we will be a viable political opponent to the APC. This will
enable us to win elections.
“The situation now is, having lost the presidency, two third
of states in Nigeria, we are hopelessly weak. We are saying
that there is hope that we can come back in 2019 and
perform better than we performed in 2015. Possibly, if the
APC will continue the way it is doing, we will win the
presidency or we will give them a fight for their money,” he
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Waziri listed some mistakes that the APC-led federal
government is making that the PDP can take advantage of.
“The budget is one of them. We are not talking of the delay
of the budget but the controversy that has dogged it which
ought not to be exhibited by a party that has an
overwhelming majority in the National Assembly.
“Secondly, the economy has not been favourable. Every
Nigerian knows that his or her standard of living was better
in 2015 than as it is in 2016. I am not listing out the
reasons. But what we are concerned about now is that the
economy is so bad. Government is hinging it on PDP
misrule. People did not elect the government to tell us
about the misrule of PDP, people elected it to give
Nigerians hope and better life.
“Thirdly, there is no cohesion in the APC. Unfortunately,
there is also lack of cohesion in the PDP. Fourthly, the APC
through President Buhari has set a bar of integrity. We
must reach that bar to be a competitor to the APC,” he said.
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