Exclusive: I am not taking Adekunle Gold out of YBNL – Lil Kesh

Popular Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter Lil Kesh
having dropped his supposed first single Lyrically,
which was immediately accepted by music lovers both
home and abroad, was officially shot into limelight
with his song Shoki.

Lil Kesh
Born Keshinro Ololade, the 22-year old singer few weeks
back dropped his debut record label YBNL for his own
label, YAGI in an interview with NAIJ.COM, speaks on why
left YBNL, his current relationship with Olamide, his next
project and clears the air on Adekunle Gold’s exist form
Read excerpts of his interview below:
Why choice of YAGI as the label name?
I picked the name because YAGI is the name of my debut
album which mean ‘ Young and getting it’ (YAGI) and it is like
me because everybody knows that is my new logo. I am 22
and I am doing well for myself. Even with the name the
album talks basically about me; I am just starting off and I
am learning at the same time, I am getting it. I stand for
YAGI and YAGI stands for me.
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You left YBNL at the time when your career is growing,
don’t you think that will affect your career and stand in
the industry?
I am still very much around in the industry and good stuff is
still going to come out from my stable and YBNL; the fact
that I am floating my own label does not matter and does
equally means I am no longer under YBNL because that is
where a lot of people are getting it wrong. Olamide and
YBNL movement is still managing me as an artiste and the
fact that I have my own label simply means that YAGI
records is been managed by YBNL. We are still together; I
and Olamide still record in the same studio and work with
same set of producers. As you all know that YBNL is a
family thing and we all support each other.
How is the new label doing?
Like we all know that with YBNL, I had a two year contract
which ended some few weeks back and the rightful
thoughts of Olamide from time is that his prayer stands
firm on all his label artistes that after two years, all artistes
he signed will not consider signing into another record label
but rather they should be able to stand on their own and
try and help other people just like he believed in me as
Was Olamide in the known that you were going to float
your own label?
Off course he was aware because we have discussed about
it before my contract ended that I was going to float my
own label which he is in total support of as I know I got his
back always.
According to speculations, is Adekunle Gold also on
your YAGI label?
(Ah) My brother Gold is still under YBNL but most people
got it wrong because he designed the label logo and my
album art work. Adekunle Gold has always been supportive
of my label from day one as well as other people on the
YBNL label. For YAGI records, I am the only artiste on it;
come to think of it where do people want me to see money
from to sign Adekunle Gold; my bro is expensive just like all
is songs are of good qualities.

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Your song ‘Life of a star’ featuring Adekunle Gold what
informed it and the lyrical contents?
My life basically from me not been famous to me been
famous which include the stages and experiences that
comes with life, trying to adjust to a live of walking
peacefully on the street and people not disturbing you but
now you are restricted to what you can do and what you
can say online. For me that change was quite difficult
because many don’t know how freely I do my things back
then before the fame came in. Basically, my album is a
reflection of
my past, present and probably the future as
the case maybe. Life of a star came as a reflection of all I
have been through, I was actually mediating when the song
vibe came in; so I called Pheelz the producer that I was
ready and that Adekunle Gold will be dropping few lines
too. The funniest part is that I and Adekunle went for a
show together in Abeokuta and travelled down to Lagos the
following morning where both lodged in a hotel due to fuel
scarcity then and we had all the recording tools available
and Adekunle did his verse, went back to sleep, woke and
continue and at the end of the day, the song came out nice.
With your first album doing quite well, what is next for
I thank God for that and I am not relenting neither am I
resting; next for me now is shooting videos off the YAGI
album; mores singles and better work ahead, planning
tours across the continent and focusing on how to make my
own label stand too.
What usually informs your choice of words?
like I said, I get my words from whatever I hear and what
comes out of my thoughtful thinking; I equally use my
instinct to record.
With several hit singles and an album to your career;
will say you are at the peak of your career now?
(Laughs) Arrive ke, no I have not my career will start maybe
from next year because I had a nice year from two years
back and this is another year, I can only hope for God’s
favour and showers of blessing over me. I still remain
positive that this year and other coming years will be
better. I am just at the starting point of the career as I still
have a long way to go. I am still hustling.
Lil Kesh performing on stage
What is your plan with YAGI; are you considering
signing in new acts too?
I will definitely sign in new artists because it is the legacy
Olamide taught us knowing that at some point I have to
look back at when I had record label and I won’t be nice if I
have nothing to show for it. When I get to that stage when I
think I am capable enough financially, intellectually; I will
also want to discover someone’s talent in the industry. For
now, my strength basically is for me and makes the brand
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Will you say Olamide is a great leader?
Honestly, if there is another percentage after 100, I think
Olamide deserves that and more. He did not make us see
ourselves as an artiste or a celebrity not to talk of letting
the fame get into our heads, instead he made us believe so
much in our potentials and always advice emphatically that
when fame comes tread softly and always remember where
you are coming from. Out of curiosity, before I was officially
signed on YBNL record, I had moved and studied Olamide
as a person to know what made him successful in the
industry and within a short while, I learnt a lot from him.
One fact people don’t know is that Olamide does not see
himself as been big in the industry yet, he hustles like he is
an upcoming artistes.