Letter to President Buhari: I am happy you finally removed fuel subsidy – Balarabe

President Muhammadu Buhari could have had the
upper hand over the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and
Trade Union Congress (TUC) regarding the fuel subsidy
palava as his actions could be justified at the end of
the day
Abubakar Balarabe who calls himself the true patriotic
Nigerian writes a letter to show his unalloyed support
for the action announced by the federal government on
Thursday, May 12
Some Nigerians believe the APC-led government has
not done enough to assuage the sufferings of Nigerians
A good number of Nigerians view issues from different
perspective. The burning national discourse currently is the
fuel subsidy removal. This issue is also viewed from
different angles by the good people of Nigeria.

President Muhammadu Buhari
While some Nigerians want the federal government to
revert to the old price of N85 or even lower than that,
others believe the removal of the subsidy will no more give
room for excuses for scarcity of pure motor spirit (PMS)
popularly called petrol. These latter sets of people believe
the new price of N145 per litre pump price is a right step in
the right direction.
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One of such Nigerian who holds the latter view that fuel
subsidy removal is good for the growth and development of
the nation’s economy, is Abubakar Balarabe, who thinks his
support for the nation’s number one citizen is not borne
out of tribal sentiment or whatever type of sentiments the
critics of subsidy removal could think about him, because
findings show Nigeria is not alone in the hike of fuel prices.

President Buhari and Dr Kachikwu have taken a painful
decision that will benefit Nigerians in the long run
The lucid letter written by Balarabe is shown below:
My sincere President Muhammadu Buhari,
I felt a sense of confusion when I initially got the news
about the fuel subsidy removal as announced by the
federal government last week Thursday. I was at a loss
because I first thought the announcement will be on how
the government would arrest the lingering fuel scarcity,
which has affected all daily activities in the country.
However on a second thought, I realised the subsidy drama
has been what previous government has queued behind to
give excuses of why major oil importers and marketers
extort the government into money running into trillions of
naira, even if Nigerians still suffer to get petroleum
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to do
Likewise, my orientation changed completely when I
discovered that the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the
Trade Union Congress (TUC) called Nigerians out for a
massive protest after the last administration increased fuel
pump on January 1, 2012, which was one of the worst New
Year Present any government could give her poor citizens.
My support for the removal of subsidy was totally
cemented after reading what Dr James Ochigbo, the
president of Media Development Initiative (MDI) said on
Friday, May 13 as reported in PM News.
The president of MDI said the Media Development Initiative
pleaded with the NLC and the Trade Union Congress (TUC)
to abandon their planned industrial actions for greater
good (of the country and Nigerians). Dr Ochigbo also
advised all other non-oil sectors to refrain from instigating
the populace, to rise against the government of the day.
Mr President Sir, with the ruling of the industrial court
today that the NLC and TUC should sheathe their swords
regarding going on a strike, I believe this is the best time for
all and sundry to reason with you regarding your good
intentions you have to make Nigeria greater again and to
make Nigerians become proud citizens of the country.
Conclusively, I am happy you have announced some
palliative measures like the N5,000 monthly which will be
given to the poor and unemployed, as well other plans
which you have mentioned and those yet to be known by
the citizens.
I will continue to pray for the success of your government
and those working to bring progress to Nigeria.
Thank you Mr President as I believe my letter will get to
you and it will move you to even do more to make the
economy of the nation better.
Yours faithfully,
Abubakar Balarabe.