➢➢➢ President Buhari Finally Speaks On Multiple Biafra Protests (November 17,… #Beekhaybee

President Muhammadu Buhari has condemned
the recent attacks by the Biafran separatists,
noting that Nigerians have remained united
since independence.
The president’s speech came in the wake of
agitations and protests for Biafra nation across
the country, especially as the separatists
clamour the release of Nnamdi Kanu, the
director of Radio Biafra, who has been in
detention since last month.


L-R; Minister of Defence, Muhammad Mansur
Dan-Ali, President Muhammadu Buhari being
decorated by the Sec Gen Nigerian Legion,
Capt JA Adole (Rtd) during the launching of
Emblem for year 2016 armed forces
remembrance day celebration held at the
Council Chamber State House in Abuja
Buhari spoke on Monday, November 16, at the
Banquet Hall of the Aso Rock Presidential Villa
in Abuja during the launching of the 2016
Armed Forces Remembrance Day Emblem and
Appeal Fund.
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According to Vanguard, he noted that Nigerians
have since independence remained united,
therefore, the people’s resolve to remain united
is ever strong.
“Our nation has recently celebrated 55 years of
political independence and continues to remain
as one indivisible entity despite several
grievous challenges.
“Since independence, Nigeria has witnessed a
lot of internal strife, survived a civil war and
has remained united.
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And The Biafran War
“This feat achieved by the country is an
eloquent testimony to the determination of our
citizens to remain as one people,” the Nigerian
leader said.
He also added that the fallen heroes, heroines
and veterans and their sacrifices will not go
unrewarded as the country continues to strive
towards unity.
The Nigerian Army has therefore warned the
pro-Biafra protesters of their acts, noting that
they may be charged for felony if they continue
with their agitation s.