INFOGRAPHICS: Boko Haram Activities In October 2015 #Beekhaybee

While President Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigerian
army try to understand whether or not they can crush
the Boko Haram sect until December 2015, the deadly
group killed many innocent Nigerians. team has prepared the infographics of the last
month’s activities of the insurgents.
President Buhari while decorating new service chiefs in
August gave them ultimatum to map out strategies to
defeat Boko Haram in three months’ time.
The given time is coming up next month, however, the
threat, both civilians and our troops, remains.
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Targets have comprised crowded bus stations, places
of worship and markets, spreading fear among local
populations, especially in Borno state.
On October 2 multiple bomb blasts ripped through the
outskirts of Nigeria’s capital, Abuja. Nyanya area has
been targeted by Boko Haram twice before, on April 14
and May 1, 2014.
Separate strikes in the North East continued in the
month of October. Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state,
remained vulnerable to Boko Haram suicide attackers in
recent times, despite persistent army’s onslaught on
the insurgents’ hideout.
The insurgents chose Fridays and launched many
attacks on the metropolis, mainly on mosques , when
Nigerians were gathering for afternoon prayers.
Another city that suffered from the Boko Haram sect this
month was Yola, Adamawa state capital.
According to media reports, during October 2015 the
militant group killed 566 people in Nigeria.
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However, the Nigerian army recorded a success in the
war against insurgency.
The soldiers killed 30 suspected jihadists and seized a
cache of arms and ammunition in the Sambisa forest,
the notorious stronghold of the terrorists. The military
also said that 138 women and 192 children were among
the survivors.
In its bid to assist Nigeria in the battle against extremist
organisation President Barack Obama of the USA
ordered 300 military specialists to Cameroon along with
drones for surveillance.
See the map of Boko Haram activities and army
successes below: