Kaka Bolori Speaks On Boko Haram, Buhari, APC #Beekhaybee

Mallam Kaka Bolori will soon be competing in the Borno
Central Senatorial election, which became necessary
after the death of Senator Ahmed Zanna in May this year.
In an interview with Vanguard, the Peoples Democratic
Party’s hopeful talks how the Boko Haram issues are
used as a cover up for looting in the troubled
northeastern state, what the people of Borno think about
President Buhari and many more.
Read the five key points below:
1. How to restore normalcy to the North East, particularly
in Borno
“There are many strategies that can be used. But my
thinking is that we should have the commitment of all the
stakeholders in resolving all the issues at stake.
Everybody must show commitment to the cause of ending
the tragedy in the North East. It is not just about the
federal government, the state government or the local
“All tiers of government have to be part of rebuilding this
region by bringing in some developmental programmes,
by providing job opportunities to the people, by providing
education and making agriculture more attractive. To me,
these are some of the ways through which the region can
“A commission should also be set up to oversee the
rebuilding of the region and cater for the urgent needs of
the area while there should be a law compelling all tiers
of government to make vital inputs into the
implementation of a blueprint for the region.
“But that can’t take place if the problem of Boko Haram
itself is not eliminated.”
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2. How to end Boko Haram
“Ending Boko Haram requires a holistic approach. We
must find an answer to what caused Boko Haram in the
first place while the military option continues. Boko
Haram came about as a result of the absence of basic
education and opportunities for many, who felt they were
entitled to those things. Nobody with a proper Islamic
education will engage in Boko Haram activities.
“We therefore need some real orientation from all tiers of
government in finding solutions to the problem of Boko
Haram. Injustice is part of the problem. For many years
here, no local government elections in Borno because the
government prefers to handpick caretaker committees
and those denied their civil opportunities are sad.”
3. About negotiating with Boko Haram
“My answer to that question is at least if the federal
government does not know where and who the Boko
Haram is at least the Boko Haram knows who the
government is and negotiation is an understanding
between two parties.
“But if the other partner is unwilling, it does not appear
as if the negotiation can proceed because it is a give and
take situation. They are very much around, not that they
are spirits or from space and if they want to negotiate
they will simply find a way of presenting themselves to
the negotiating table. If nobody knows them and they are
not ready to appear, that means they are not ready for
any negotiation.”
4. PDP cannot establish political control over Borno for
16 years. Can it be changed?
“You need to understand that Borno is a very large state
with different cultures and traditions and I will give you
examples why I am optimistic that I am going to win the
election. The pattern of election from the southern part of
Borno is totally different from the one in the northern and
the central senatorial districts. The pattern of election in
the north is different from the one in the central and
“I am from the central where we have a large number of
political elites. I am one-time local government
chairman in Maiduguri and we have 15 wards in
Maiduguri and out of these 15 wards PDP won in 11 and
only four went to then ANPP. If they were to vote
according to this I would not have been the chairman.”
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5. Assessing APC’s performance in Borno state
“It is full of mismanagement and corruption; no
development. In fact I told you that public schools have
not been having classes in the last three and a half years
in Borno state, particularly in Maiduguri. This does not in
any way worry the governor and his team and it is quite
“But that is because of insurgency, which claimed over
219 Chibok girls and causing serious concerns to
parents, who are afraid to send their children to any
school in the state as a result.”
6. Assessing the Buhari administration so far
“To ask those of us in the North East what we think about
Buhari is to elicit an already known answer. For me, I
can say that with Buhari, there is hope because already,
relative peace has returned to the area. The military is
winning the war after recapturing most of the areas that
were under the control of the insurgents in the North
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7. Insurgency itself provides another form of looting
“I am saying so because of what is happening in Borno
State. We have 27 local government areas and only a few
of them are functioning even though all of them receive
their allocations at the end of the month.
“The rest of them simply sit down in Maiduguri and share
the allocation on the claim that they cannot go to do
anything in their respective areas because of insurgency.
So, it is a way of making quick money by some in the
state. That is why Boko Haram has provided a means of
looting for government officials in many of these states.”
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