Ministerial Nomination: Amaechi Gets S/South APC #Beekhaybee

The former governor of Rivers state, Rotimi Amaechi’s
ministerial nomination by President Muhammadu Buhari
has received the backing of the All Progressives
Congress (APC) in the South South region.

Rotimi Ameachi

Prince Hilliard Eta
Making their position known today, October 9, via a
statement, the national vice chairman in charge of the
region, Prince Hilliard Eta said the party will stand solidly
behind the former governor to become a minister, despite
oppositions from the Rivers state governor, Nyesome
Wike and senators.
The statement which was signed by the media assistant
to Prince Eta, Bassey Ita further stated that Wike and his
co-travelers were embarking on a wild goose chase by
opposing Amaechi’s nomination.
According to The Nation, he said those protesting
Amaechi’s nomination through spurious claims and
accusations are embarking on a fruitless effort that can
only lead them to a futile end.
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Parts of the statement read: “Amaechi was unjustly
witch-hunted and persecuted by the PDP machine in
Rivers state led by Wike because of his (Amaechi’s) role
in fighting down the evil machinations plotted against the
good people of the state by the administration of Dr.
Goodluck Jonathan.”
“Wike and his likes cannot assume the triple role of the
complainant, prosecution and judge in their case against
Amaechi as there have desperately shown in their
several protests and attempts to thwart his emergence as
Minister of the Federal Republic.
“As a result of the brazen desperation by the Wike-led
PDP machine, they have forgotten that the extant laws
provide that everyone is innocent of whatever accusation
until proven otherwise.
“Wike and his ilk were showing the world that it cannot
even hide nor pretend on their dance of lawlessness
carried over from their hey days when the drums of
impunity were conspicuously being beaten aloud.”
Already, the senators from Rivers state has already
submitted a petition to the senate concerning Amaechi’s
nomination, they accused him of fraud and corruption.
Meanwhile, the Rivers state government recently issued a
statement saying Amaechi’s nomination as minister will
not save him from being prosecuted for looting the
state’s funds.
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Ministerial List
Also, the Rivers state police command said it uncovered
plots by two opposing groups to demonstrate over the
ministerial nomination of the former governor of the state.
In a related development, some APC chieftains whose
names are reportedly on the ministerial have started
lobbying senators so they can successfully scale the
screening process billed for Wednesday, October 7.
Some others are said to have gone spiritual , embarking
on intensive prayer sessions to come out unscathed
aster the exercise