The Miracle Working President #Beekhaybee

Editor’s note: Nigerian President, Muhammadu
Buhari is celebrating his 100 days in office and
this writer analysed his administration, he
visited his unfulfilled promises and way forward.
Mbaseki Martin Obono contributed this article
from Abuja.
Mr. President,

s me again. First, I want to congratulate you
for attaining 100 days in office. I can imagine
that surviving 100 days has not been an easy
walk, in a country that has been messed up
since you left office unceremoniously in 1985.
Upon your return to power, May 29 2015, you
have done terrifically well within first 100 days.
You’ve done so well that your predecessors
have been stunned and Nigerians have not been
able to comprehend what spell was cast on
them all the while. You should have been life
Mr. President, within 100days and without a
Minister of Power, you have single handedly
generated electricity to almost 5000Mega Watts.
This is what one of your predecessors spent a
whopping $16billion trying to achieve in 8years,
but you achieved it without spending a dime
and in no time. Nigerians everywhere are
complaining of constant power supply which is
damaging the food in their freezers, because
they are not used to constant power and cannot
differentiate between the freezer and fridge
compartments of their refrigerators. Mr.
President, I now believe that miracles are real,
for real.
Within these 100 days, Mr. President, our rail
systems have started working. The Kano – Port
Harcourt train services you started constructing
on May 29, when you hit the ground running are
fully in operation since July, just two months
after. Before you settled down, you started the
construction of Port Harcourt refinery and
ensured that it worked, now the Kaduna refinery
is already working at over 90 percent efficiency,
producing 1.5million litres of Premium Motor
Spirit per day and saving Nigeria $5.33million
just within 60 days. Baba, you are a miracle
worker o.
On Corruption Issue
On corruption, I heard that since you were
declared winner, even before you were sworn in
office, alleged criminals who looted our
commonwealth have been trooping your
residence to restitute. I even read somewhere
that one former Minister returned $250million to
you and I asked, did she do so via Internet
banking or POS and to which bank account
please? Baba, we didn’t know that you were
more fearful than the law. We need to
institutionalize you and have a law court called
Buhari court of restitutions instead of the
special courts you are about to create on
Recently, you have been doing quite a lot to
stem the rise of the dollar against Naira, well
done. I read in Financial Times of August 16,
2015 that you got angry at the rise of the dollar
and started cutting down trees in Abuja so that
the dollar will fall against the Naira because
dollars grow on trees, right? Sai Buhari.
Mr. President, I also read that the National
Bureau of Statistics just released our economic
growth rate at 2.35 percent when you met it at
6.45 percent. Baba, we need your miraculous
works to be done here. If you cannot improve
our economy don’t make it worse.
On assets declaration, I heard you have
declared your “modest” assets to high heavens
to the point where hosts of angels are clapping
and singing your praise for not being a
disappointment, as one of them. You didn’t
allow the impunity that comes with occupying
Aso villa to overwhelm you to the point of not
giving a damn. You came to the Villa and you
were not of the village and the village behavior
was not found in you.
Presidency Denial
Recently, you have been on denial spree.
Through your spokesmen, you have denied that
you didn’t promise to publish assets publicly.
You said it was your party, the APC that made
the campaign promise. Baba, You would recall
that during the National Assembly leadership
saga involving Senate and House of
Representatives leaderships respectively, you
kept admonishing Senator Bukola Saraki and Rt.
Hon. Yakubu Dogara to respect party
supremacy. How come you do not want the
same party supremacy to bind you on assets
declaration? Oh, I forgot we are in animal farm.
During the campaign, you talked about your
100 days covenant while answering a question
in Chatham House, London. Recently, Your
Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity
said it was your party that made the covenant
with Nigerians, not you. While we were about to
recover from that shocker, your party’s national
publicity secretary came on air to say, the party
never made such promise. Since all we have
been hearing is probe, probe, probe. To be
taken seriously, we would like you to probe
yourself and your party, the APC on the
campaign promises fraud. Charity they say
begins at home. So, physician, heal thyself first.
Baba, need I remind you that you are Mai
Are you also going to deny that you didn’t
promise unemployed graduates and the aged
N5,000 monthly allowance? Are you also going
to deny that you promised every pupil in school
a meal per day? Are you going to deny that you
promised to end Boko Haram by December,
2015? Are you also going to deny the revival of
Ajaokuta steel company? Are you going to deny
the promise to create three million jobs per
year? Are you going to deny and denounce all
the campaign promises and manifesto that
looked like one of those unsolicited fraudulent
emails one receives?
It would be good to let us know that you can
no longer fulfill any of the campaign promises
you made instead of your supporters claiming
the achievements of the past administration
with your body language.
The writer of this opinion, Mbaseki Martin
Obono is a political analyst and social