Obama Was Also Criticized After His First 100 Days #Beekhaybee

Editor’s note: A lot of Nigerians feel
disappointed after the presidency has distanced
itself from the promises purportedly made about
the first 100 days in office during the All
Progressives Congress’s election campaign.
Naij.com looks at the political controversy
surrounding the issue and tries to understand
whether country citizens should be alerted over
the recent development.
Not that the Nigerians do not understand that
change takes time, but fear that by making a u-
turn after the inauguration, the new government
will not come up with the highly-anticipated
solutions to the problems.
Everything is comparative. Naij.com has
gathered the election promises of Barack
Obama and the following criticism regarding the
pledges he did not fulfil within his first 100
President Obama, like President Buhari, took a
series of important steps during his first three
months. The achievements of both were
acknowledged. However, despite
acknowledging what has been done, people
always remember what has not been done.
Politifacts.com in its April 24, 2009, publication
critically analyzed the failed promises.
According to the report, Obama broke six major
promises that were of high priority during his
election campaign. Three of them concerned
taxes, two, transparency and ethics, and one
deals with international diplomacy. The newly-
made US leader was said to have failed to
introduce tougher rules against a revolving door
for lobbyists and former officials; to allow five
days of public comment before signing bills; to
end income tax for seniors making less than
$50,000; to create a $3,000 tax credit for
companies that add jobs; to allow penalty-free
hardship withdrawals from retirement accounts
in 2008 and 2009; to recognize the Armenian
genocide. These were aside from some other
pledges expected to have been fulfilled within
the first days.
us president
US President, Barack Obama
Competitive Enterprise Institute (cei.org) even
put it as follows regarding Obama’s first 100
days: “Obama has broken his campaign
promises far more flagrantly than his
predecessors did in their first 100 days in
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By His Appointments – Group Insists
Back to Nigeria and the current state of political
affairs in the country. The situation is different
here. There is something that cannot likely
happen in the US: once the promise is made, it
is made and then it is either fulfilled or broken.
In Nigeria, however, additional interpretations of
the election promises emerged. Buhari’s media
aide insists the APC candidate never made any
specific vows , adding that nothing like “My
Covenant with Nigerians” was delivered by
Buhari. Interestingly, when the covenant
was published by all the respectable national
newspapers and online media sources, the APC
did not dismiss the publications. Moreover, the
pledges appeared on the APC website.
Regarding this, Shehu explained:
“APC had a campaign in which there were so
many centres of public communication and
unfortunately there were some among those
centres that were more or less on the loose.
Yes, it was possible that things were being done
without the knowledge or the usage of the
proper channel of communication.”

Muhammadu Buhari
As the war of words continues, it is getting
harder and harder to understand what had
been actually promised before the historical
presidential election.
However, what really concerns Nigerians is not
that the promises have not been fulfilled, but
whether the government will be making efforts
to fulfil them, judging by recent dismissals.
Everyone agrees that change is not made that
swiftly. President Buhari has already carried out
a major shake-up in the army, made a series of
appointments in the oil sector and ordered the
forensic audit of possibly corrupt
organizations. The president has attended
several international events and visited other
heads of state to ensure cooperation in
counter-terrorism and anti-corruption
What we all need to understand in the current
development is:
Criticism is normal, in any country. This is
called democracy.
Authorities realize the huge responsibility put
on them, but they should not be afraid of the
previous claims (allegedly not made). What
eventually matters is action.
We should stop panicking that another week
has passed without all the national problems
having been solved. This does not mean they
will never be. One hundred days is not the
whole tenure. After all the criticism, Obama was
still re-elected for the second term, so the
Americans in their majority were satisfied with
his performance. Only time will tell.
And finally, we have made our choice during the
general elections so we should embrace peace
and work cooperatively for the common goals.
Further argument and mutual accusations will
not bring answers to the lingering national
issues. Productive criticism, however, will.