Again, PDP Alleges APC Meddling With Tribunals, INEC Materials

The Peoples Democratic Party’s national
publicity secretary, Olisa Metuh, on Tuesday,
September 1, alleged that the party had
uncovered a plot by the All Progressives
Congress to meddle with the composition of
the election tribunals in Rivers and other PDP
Olisa Metuh
He said that the APC plans to substitute the
judges with pliable ones in order to overturn the
party’s victories in the last general elections,
This Day reports.
Speaking to reporters at the party’s secretariat,
Metuh said that the party has concrete evidence
that the APC administration in its desperation
was set to transfer uncooperative tribunal
judges and replace them with malleable ones to
overturn the PDP’s election victories in Rivers,
Akwa-Ibom, Abia, Taraba and Delta states and
hand the states over to the APC.
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He said: “Following the insistence by some
tribunal judges on delivering justice, despite the
pressure being mounted by the APC
government, machineries have been put in
motion to influence the outcome of the judicial
process by replacing them with those already
briefed to do the bidding of the APC
“Part of the plot is to use the Department of
State Security (DSS) and some unscrupulous
officials of the independent National Electoral
Commission (INEC) to tamper with official
records of evidence and other electoral
documents in commission’s custody for
presentation at the tribunals, which would be
manned by the compromised judicial officials.
“We have uncovered an unholy alliance between
the DSS and INEC to interfere directly in the
activities of election tribunals in some PDP
states by removing and altering some records
in INEC and instigating the APC to insist that
there were no elections in those states.”
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Metuh said that after the elections the former
INEC chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega, insisted and
showed to the world that governorship elections
in Rivers, Abia, Taraba, Akwa-Ibom and Delta
States .had taken place.
He said: “We want to inform the nation that any
moment from now, some tribunal judges in
these states have been marked for transfer. We
had earlier informed Nigerians that the DSS was
already meeting with some INEC and tribunal
officials ostensibly to compromise the process.
“Now we have found out that because some
tribunal members were not cooperating, they
have concluded plans to replace them with
pliable ones. The PDP is alerting the entire
nation and the international community of this
devious development, which is a direct assault
on our democracy.”
Metuh recalled that the PDP had earlier raised
the alarm on the issue of the director general of
the DSS being an APC member, and that the
APC issued a denial only to be silenced when
the PDP came up with evidence including
pictures and publications showing his affinity
with the party.
The PDP urged the judiciary to ensure that it is
not compromised by the APC-led government
to go against the law and called on all Nigerians
to also be alert to stop every negative move by
the ruling party.
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Delta Governor Appeal
However, the APC responded and said that the
federal government will not micromanage the
judiciary, and urged the PDP not to keep
belittling the judiciary by suggesting that
tribunal judges handling the various election
petitions in some states can be influenced.
Alhaji Lai Mohammed, APC’s national publicity
secretary said in a statement that the PDP was
throwing wild allegations against the tribunals in
Rivers and other states because the party
knows it stole the votes in those states.
“The affected states are the cash cows of the
PDP; hence the party is so jittery about losing
the states, which they know they did not win in
the first instance,” he said.
He said that the ruling party has confidence in
the ability of the tribunals to carry out their
duties diligently and without fear or favour.
Mohammed implored the PDP to be charitable
enough to repose the same confidence in the
The PDP had accused the APC last Thursday,
August 27, of attempting to undermine the
victory of the party in the recently conducted
governorship election in Rivers state.