Corruption: Stop Demonizing Jonathan Govt – Ogun To Buhari #Beekhaybee

Sergius O. Ogun of the Nigerian House of
Representatives, criticized President
Muhammadu Buhari’s showcase of the anti-
corruption war.
The politician lamented over the way of
“sensationalizing” of the crusade and the focus
on the immediate past government of Goodluck
Jonathan, Vanguard reports.
Instead of “demonizing” the predecessor’s
administration, Buhari should make effort to
move the country forward.
According to him, rather than demonizing the
past government, President Buhari should
concentrate his energies on working with what
is on ground to move the nation forward.
“We are all Nigerians and we remember some of
these things. My take is that if you want to
probe, by all means, go ahead and do so. Don’t
over-sensationalize anything you’re not doing. I
don’t see anything new that the new
administration has done that hasn’t been done
in this country before. He wanted to travel to
America and so much noise was made about it.
Now, he has gone to America and returned. The
president should be apolitical.
“Forget about APC and PDP. Do the needful, so
that when you leave office, history will
remember you. If the president is not
considering a second term, when he governs
well and is about to vacate office, he will anoint
a young man from his as a successor.
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“Rather than demonising the past president,
work with what’s on ground, so that when
you’re leaving after the expiration of your
tenure, you will be able to anoint a success or
who will continue from where you stopped. But
if you’re here playing politics because of the
promises you’ve made, and you think the
proper thing to do is to demonize the past
government in order to reduce people’s
expectations, it won’t work. My advice is, if you
want to probe people, quietly go ahead and do
“The federal government said it would probe
past administrations, and suddenly, it says, it’s
limiting it to the immediate past administration.
Today, they are hailing the Buhari-led
administration over the zeal to fight corruption.
But it has always happened. When Jonathan
was in government, Oyo and Ogun State
governors were detained by the EFCC. So
nothing has changed.”
It should be recalled President Buhari vowed to
persecute the corrupt officials of the previous
government and return the looted funds. He
insisted that Nigerians have the right to know
who had robbed the nation. The country leader,
however, noted that only the immediate past
administration would be probed, which
generated accusations of witch-hunting.
A new wave of talks on the issue started
following the meeting of Buhari with the peace
committee earlier this month. It was alleged that
the audience was associated with the body
asking him to take a smoother position
regarding Jonathan government probe.
In another development Matthew Hassan-Kukah,
prominent cleric and catholic bishop of Sokoto
diocese, also addressed President Buhari on the
matter, urging him to focus on good
governance and the promised change.