The world’s biggest space telescope #Beekhaybee

From Click
14 August 2015
It will be the largest and most powerful telescope
we have ever sent into space.
The successor to Hubble, the James Webb Space
Telescope (JWST) , is an $8.5bn (£5.5bn)
collaboration between Nasa, the European Space
Agency (Esa) and Canadian Space Agency.
The large mirror on the JWST will allow it to have
a far greater sensitivity than Hubble and will let
scientists see back in time to 200-300 million
years after the Big Bang.
In this video from BBC Click , Rebecca Morelle
gets rare access to the heart of the project at
Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Centre near
Browse photos from earlier building stages of the
project below. And read more from our
colleagues BBC News about a big year ahead for
the JWST.
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