War Against Corruption Must Be Across Board – Dele Momodu #Beekhaybee

The former presidential candidate and
journalist, Dele Momodu has reiterated that the
war against corruption by President
Muhammadu Buhari must cut across all
political parties and politicians in Nigeria.


Former Presidential candidate, Dele Momodu.
Photos: Emmanuel Oshodi
Momodu, who stated this while speaking to
Naij.com on Wednesday, August 12, dismissed
news on social media that the president’s anti-
corruption war is targeted against Peoples
Democratic Party (PDP) members only.
He further said he does not support Buhari’s
witch-hunting anti-corruption war and warned
the president to explore other methods of
fighting corruption other than trial in the pages
of newspapers.
All Subsidiary Heads, Retires 38 Managers
“Timipre Silva’s case is still on, he is an APC
man. People just carry rumour. The truth is,
naturally, there would be more PDP people
been called because they were the dominant
party so what do you expect? And I personally
have even written that they should not witch
hunt anybody. I don’t support kangarooism.
“I believe that war against corruption should be
done across board and should not also too loud
because sometimes if the noise becomes too
much like it was pre-2007 and at that time I
wrote against it. People said are you defending
corruption, but the thing is, you don’t set fire to
a whole village because you want to catch a few
“We have to manage it well otherwise it
becomes totally chaotic and if care is not taken,
that will be the only thing he will be battling
with and there are different methodologies for
fighting corruption everywhere in the world.
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“There are people you don’t try on the pages of
newspaper. Maybe you know where the money
is, you call them and say I know you have 1.2
billion somewhere, go and bring the 1 billion
and maybe you let him go, that way, you save
cost for litigation and there are also innocent
people. Your enemy can write petition against
you and the EFCC grabs you and the
newspapers in Nigeria pounce on you, you have
already been convicted. That system, that style
definitely has to change, ” he stated.
President Muhammadu Buhari has revealed
plans to begin legal proceedings against people
guilty of siphoning public funds.