Peshawar school attack: Death sentences for six militants #Beekhaybee

injured student

The attack on the school last year killed 132
children and injured many more
Pakistan has handed the death penalty to six
militants linked to an attack on a school in the
northern city of Peshawar in which at least 140
people, mainly children, were killed.
The army said the militants “were given a fair trial”
in military courts before the verdict was handed
The attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar
last December, carried out by the Taliban, shocked
the country.
In response, Pakistan lifted a seven-year
moratorium on executions.
It also amended the constitution to allow for the
establishment of military courts to try terror
Since December, 200 people have been put to
death. Many of them were not convicted for terror
‘Fair trial’
A statement on the Pakistan military’s website said
seven militants were found guilty of links to the
attack – only one had been given a life sentence
instead of the death penalty.
“The convicts were given fair trial by following all
the legal formalities and offering/providing them
legal aid and defence counsels,” the statement
“Today the sentences of death have been
confirmed by the Chief of Army Staff.”
These are the first death sentences to be handed
out in connection to the Army Public School
massacre, the BBC’s Shaimaa Khalil reports from
Those facing the death penalty are not the seven
who took part in the attack – all of whom died in
the assault.
They scaled the walls to get into the school and
set off a bomb before moving from classroom to
classroom shooting indiscriminately at both the
children and teachers.
The school was near a military complex in
Peshawar and many of its students were the
children of military personnel.
Peshawar, which is close to the Afghan border, had
seen some of the worst of the violence during the
Taliban insurgency in recent years.