Buhari Vs Jonathan: Post- Election Struggle #Beekhaybee

Editor’s note: Ubaka Chukwuka Maximus,
Naij.com constant guest author, suggests the
Buhari vs Jonathan competition is still ongoing
following the numerous claims made by the
president and his confidants in terms of failure
of Jonathan’s administration. Ubaka Chukwuka
suggests President Buhari to stop badmouthing
the former government and hurl all effort into
earning a goodwill for the new one.
One may conclude that President Buhari and
the APC are either not ready for governing
Nigeria, or have no idea of how to salvage the
country. Apart from the campaign promises and
criticism of Jonathan’s government, it is very
hard to point out what else President Buhari
has done so far. A prophet is not needed to
speculate that the president will definitely
mention Jonathan and how evil the PDP was
during Jonathan’s administration in his speech.
The ruling party still has the opposition mindset
and orientation, as it continues blaming the
PDP even after having comfortably occupied the
Aso Villa.
During the then senator Obama’s first electoral
campaign, Senator John McCain, his opponent,
devoted the majority of his campaign
appearances to the condemning attacks on
Obama without granting enough attention to the
numerous economic issues. McCain was then
diagnosed with Obama Derangement Syndrome .
The republicans lost the presidential election
due to the deviation from what a campaign
ought to be.
Buhari vs Jonathan struggle is in full play
The APC campaign stood on two major pillars:
– Corruption in Jonathan’s government.
– Jonathan’s clueless methods of fighting
President Buhari’s post-election speeches are
still revolved around his campaign lyrics. It is
even pertinent to ask if the APC is campaigning
for the 2019 general elections. Buhari’s
government seems to be occupied with the
things he vowed not to do. Buhari is touring the
African countries seeking help; he is nursing
the idea of granting amnesty to the terrorists.
These were Jonathan’s clueless efforts, as the
party made us believe some months back.
Though such visits build the bilateral relations
between two governments, they become
counter-productive when President Buhari
denigrates his predecessor in the faraway
America or Cameroon. Nigeria gains nothing
from exaggerating the stolen crude quantity
from 250,000 barrels to one million
barrels. Accusing of the former president
Jonathan of not doing enough to battle
terrorism by Paul Biya, the president of
Cameroon, in the presence of President Buhari
was harmful to our image. President Buhari
surprisingly failed to remind Biya how the
Cameroonian soldiers shielded the terrorists
chased by the Nigerian troops into Cameroon.
The Nigerian troops were even fired at when
they tried to make further advance. Non-
cooperation in the fight against terrorism was
the fault of Nigeria’s neighbors. It is unfair
when everyone is blaming Jonathan for their
own short-sightedness.
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Cameroon Stalls Fight Against Boko Haram
The mindless antagonism of Jonathan’s role as
the president even after his peaceful leaving of
Aso Villa is a political disease known as
Jonathan Derangement Syndrome. The first
symptom was noticed when President Buhari
lamented over an empty treasury , and then
granted a huge bailout running into billions of
naira to the states. This was followed by
another Buhari’s claim that Jonathan didn’t
hand over to him properly, even after it had took
six weeks to the transition committee to peruse
the hand-over documents. Theft of billions of
naira by an unnamed minister, politicization of
the military and DSS, alleged unauthorized
withdrawal of funds from the crude account are
remote symptoms of Jonathan Derangement
Syndrome. If getting old had not been a natural
process, the APC would have definitely blamed
Jonathan for that.
President Buhari, please…
We have had enough of talk and accusations. It
is none of our business if Americans give
Buhari a list of oil thieves or names of the
ministers who stole $9 billion. Nigerians know
that the APC thrives on propaganda. Nigerians,
especially the youths, want to see good
government in reality, not on newspaper pages.
Stop scapegoating Jonathan and go for the real
oil thieves, arrest the minister who stole $9
billion, equip the air force and the military,
stabilise naira and cut contract costs. More
importantly, decimate Boko Haram and give the
South-East and the South-South regions a
reason to believe in your government. Neither
the lopsided appointments nor the rumble in
the National Assembly is Jonathan’s fault.
Goodluck Jonathan has played his part; now he
is off the stage, so stop making everything he
did look bad. Nigerians voted for you to correct
the mess the PDP had created. We know the
PDP has goofed; there is no need to keep
reminding us any further.
Badmouthing Jonathan and the PDP and leaving
“Baba Iyabo” unnoticed is not justice.
Restricting investigation of the missing money
to Jonathan’s tenure is not fairness, as the
probe should include the first civilian president.
The sell of NITEL, Nicon and Hilton hotels,
Federal Palace Hotel, Ajaokuta Steel Complex
and the funding of the Olusegun Obasanjo
Presidential Library should be looked into.
Above all, nothing soiled the image of Nigeria
more than the Halliburton saga. Making the
players of this deal untouchable will only prove
how serious Buhari is about the anti-corruption
war. Nigeria needs cleansing, so nothing should
be left behind. Total cleansing is the only cure
to Jonathan Derangement Syndrome.
Mr Chukwuka is a graduate of the University of
Nigeria, Nsukka.
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