Skiibii Mayana Talks About His Music, Family And More #Beekhaybee

The Five Star Entertainment artist Skiibii
Mayana in an exclusive interview with
talks about his music and plans for his career,
among other things.


Who is Skiibii?
My name is Skiibii Mayana, real names Abbey
Elias. My uncle gave me the name Skiibii from
way back. He said Skiibii means a smart kid,
Omo toh Skiibii. I started music in secondary
school as a rapper but in 2008, music started
for me officially as a singer. Since then, it has
been fresh because music has been my world.
How do you manage the opposite sex as a
It feels great to be a Five Star artist. Since I
dropped my single, I’ve been seeing lots of
people, ladies, they like the boy, they like the
brand, they like my song and I appreciate them
too as my fans. I love them all, they are
beautiful people. I have never regretted being a
What should your fans expect from you next?
More singles. Right now, I have about 79 tracks
recorded. Presently, I have too many songs just
from Skiibi, maybe after dropping them, I can
now think of featuring all these people.
How did you join the Five Star family?
I am a Surulere boy. Way back there’s one
song I did, I think someone sent it
to Kcee and Presh. They instantly liked me and
put a call across to me. I met with them and
that was how everything started and here we
are today. We have been together for like three
to four years but it has been on low key. Since
I’ve joined the label, things have been
happening, more money we’ve been getting and
we are everywhere. Things are totally different.
Career wise, we don elevate. We are better than
If not music, what would you have been doing?
Maybe I will be into oil business or playing
football. I love to play football but if not football,
its oil business. Money must be made; I cannot
play football for fun.
Which of your performances can you rate as
the best so far?
I think somewhere in South Africa. Cocoon,
that’s the name of the club. There was so much
love, I think I have so much fans. Ladies
everywhere, they scattered the party for me. It
was a shutdown.
If you are to pick between your male and
female fans, which of the love is more
I think I will pick both. I love everyone 100%.
They ginger me, if you see some guys when
they show you love, you go fear say hope say
dem no be gay but nothing like that, it’s just
Who inspires you in Nigeria?
Let me not lie to you, I have a lot of them.
There are plenty bad guys in this business.
They inspire me in different ways. Kcee, Wande
Coal, Harrysong, D’banj, Tuface and a lot of
Why do celebrities wear shades during
Ah, nothing oh.. See my eyes… I’m just trying
to look good, to look ghen ghen.
Are you in a relationship?
I don’t have time; I’m busy chasing my career.
All these girls, they can break my heart too
When was the last time you had sex?
Last time? Why do you want to know? So you
expect me to give you definite answer to that
question? You just want to force me. See, I
can’t remember the actual day, because I am
not really good with dates but I remember the
last time. The last time was in my room, not
too long sha and it was in the night.
What’s your opinion on the ‘baby-mama
syndrome’ -celebrities, especially the guys,
having babies out of wedlock, in the Nigerian
entertainment industry?
For me, I like to settle down, marry, the way my
parents did it; not ‘give am belle’.
How many children do you plan to have when
you finally marry?
Three children, five at most. But if my madam
says we should have 10, we can continue and
get some more.