PDP Doesn’t Believe In Manifesto – Ogunlewe #Beekhaybee

Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe, the former minister
of works, has described the Peoples
Democratic Party (PDP) as a political party that
does not believe in manifesto or execution of
specific projects and policies, which according
to him contributes immensely to its failure in
the last general elections.
According to the PDP chieftain, the All
Progressives Congress (APC) recorded victory
at the polls because of the personality of
President Muhammadu Buhari.
“PDP’s defeat came because of President
Buhari. Take Buhari out of APC you will find out
that there would be no APC. It is so easy to
defeat them and this is what we are going to
see in 2019 when he is not contesting. Take for
example, the activities of those in the National
Assembly; the President must be careful not to
fall into the PDP situation.
“PDP as a political party did not believe in
manifesto. It did not believe in preparing to
execute specific projects and policies. And it is
the same situation APC wants to fall into now.
They must be careful. They made so much
noise about the appointment of ministers.
Ministers are not supposed to determine policy
for the party.
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“This is the time APC as a political party must
insist on party supremacy. All the fighting they
were engaged in was unnecessary. This is the
time they should insist on party supremacy. In
terms of how to strengthen the secretariat of the
party to prepare the policies of the party just as
the late sage and Premier of Western Region,
Chief Obafemi Awolowo, was doing, just as the
former Lagos governor, Alhaji Lateef Jakande
was doing,” he said.

Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe, the former minister
of works
Senator Ogunlewe said further that before
Jakande came to power, he was in Lagos state
government service at the time adding
everything Alhaji Jakande needed to do in terms
of the number of classrooms he was to
construct, the teachers he must employ,
housing deficit, the number of houses to be
built, the health centres he must build, were in
the document submitted to him.
“So it was not for any commissioner or
minister to determine the policy thrust of the
party. If they don’t do so now, it means they
are going to surrender all their authority to a
technocrat who is going to be there when the
people will be asking questions as to the
promises made during the campaigns. He
wasn’t there during the campaigns, he doesn’t
know about politics, so it will be to the APC’s
detriment to allow technocrats take over their
responsibility. They will derail the party, so they
must be careful.”
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He said that the APC can still rediscover
themselves from their rough start in the
National Assembly if they put their houses in
Meanwhile, Terhemen Tarzoor, the governorship
candidate of the PDP in the last general
elections in Benue state, was involved in a
ghastly motor accident while travelling from
Jos, capital of Plateau state to the Federal
Capital Territory, Abuja.