Goodluck Jonathan Does Not Deserve The Negative Backlash

Editor’s note: contributor Olowu
Omotoyosi says Goodluck Jonathan does not
deserve the negative backlash he receives,
having been made a sort of “fall guy” by
anyone who wishes to criticize the immediate
past government.


The immediate past president Goodluck
One thing I, as a scholar, have noticed over the
years among us Nigerians is that we derive
pleasure from the failure of others. We derive
pleasure from accusations when the ones
making them are also guilty. We utter
statements and say words that are unhealthy for
the polity. We say words that lack value and
significant importance to the socio-economic
development of our beloved country.
Some so-called elder statesmen choose to
make generalized statements on the basis of
region or faith rather than come out with
solutions and ideas that would move the nation
forward. In Nigeria today, we have a crop of
hypocritical politicians who would cut down a
redwood tree, then mount the stump and make
a speech in favour of forest conservation.
Much have been said about the March
presidential elections which produced General
Muhammadu Buhari as the winner thus paving
way for the APC-led government to saddle the
affairs of the nation for the next four years.
Within the past few months, President Buhari
has tried his best in seeking solutions to the
multiple problems ravaging the Nigerian state
and, therefore, providing Nigerians the privilege
of enjoying the dividends of democracy.
But what baffles me a lot are these questions:
was former president Goodluck Ebele
Jonathan’s six-year presidency that bad? Why
are people so keen on attacking and
blackmailing the former president?
Leave it or take it, the immediate past president
Goodluck Jonathan had done his best to
improve the lives of the Nigerian people, and
history will never forget that. Despite the
shortcomings, he has stood among men and
peacefully handed the presidency over to
Muhammadu Buhari to govern the country for
the next four years. What do this league of
accusers need from Goodluck Jonathan?
Every day in the dailies and on social media we
see and hear people tagging his government as
being corrupt. Was Jonathan the only president
Nigeria has ever had? Why shifting blame on
him alone? Is it because he has been silent on
national issues for the past few months? Let
him rest peacefully in Otuoke, his hometown,
and stir away from controversies.
I believe that, at the right time, GEJ will speak.
Let us stop blaming him alone. Let the
necessary institutions carry out their job on
detecting corrupt government members. GEJ
should not be blame for our socio economic
problems as we Nigerians ourselves are
responsible for our present predicament.
Continuous accusations and criticisms of GEJ’s
government will not help but rather serve as an
avenue to paint his tenure in a bad way.
Goodluck Jonathan needs to be celebrated and
not nailed.
In every developed society, politics is what
divides the masses, but they are able to find
common ground to stand united. Not in Nigeria.
For Nigerians to enjoy the change we so much
desired, we need to work together and stop the
politics of accusations to build a country we all
would be proud of .
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