Alex Badeh Should Face A Charge Of War Crimes #Beekhaybee

Editor’s note: The recent dissmisal of the
service chiefs, including Alex Badeh, the former
chief of defence staff, by President Buhari is
considered another milestone in a prolonged
struggle against Boko Haram terrorist group.
The inefficient military officials were repeatedly
accused of being one of the major reasons why
Nigeria came to a standstill in a battle against
insurgency. However, soon after retirement
followed Badeh’s unexpected confession that
the Nigerian army was, actually, experiencing
lack of ammunition and motivation. It sparkled
rageful discussions among Nigerians claiming
to carry out prosecution of the former chief of
defence staff. Hussain Obaro, constant
guest author, offers his own point of view on the
Delivering his valedictory speech at the pull-out
ceremony on Thursday, July 30, 2015, in
Mogadishu, Abuja, Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh,
the former chief of defence staff, finally
confessed that the armed forces were lack of
the relevant equipment and motivation, both
financial and moral, to fight Boko Haram. This
statement came as a huge surprise to those,
who had keenly and carefully followed Badeh’s
stance in terms of military equipment.
Particularly worthy of note is the interview the
former chief of defense staff granted the
Nigerian Defence magazine on January 21,
2015. Asked about the state of the military
equipment, sophistication of the military, mutiny
in the army and the war against Boko Haram,
Badeh said : “It is impossible for any Nigerian
soldier to claim that he is inadequately
equipped as all of them have riffles … Now in
respect of the mutiny you made reference to, it
was done by people who did not love Nigeria.
When we joined this job, what did our oath say?
It says we will go where ever the president
orders us to go, whether by land, air or sea. If
a soldier says he is not going to move, what do
you expect people to do for him? Clap for him?
… The Nigerian military is well taken care off.
We live in houses we don’t pay accommodation
for … We don’t pay for light, we don’t pay for
water … So for a soldier to come up and say “I
am not well equipped” yet you have a riffle;
what do you want? You want APC? You want
tanks?” [sic]
Alex Badeh and his “achievements”
The above announcement is completely
contrary to Alex Badeh’s valedictory speech at
the pull-out ceremony. It would be recalled that
under the leadership and at the orders of Badeh,
many officers and soldiers, who raised concern
regarding lack of modern sophisticated
weaponry that would be effective against the
weapons of Boko Haram, and lack of motivation,
were court-martialled for neglecting the call of
duty. Unfortunately, some were unjustly
executed and incarcerated, while the very lucky
ones were dismissed from the armed forces. It
is rape of justice and dent on the credibility and
integrity of the Nigerian military on the part of
Badeh to claim that the military under his
leadership were under-funded and lack of the
weaponry to successfully fight Boko Haram.
Some of the questions we need to seek answers
from Badeh at the International Criminal Court
are: what happened to the billions of naira of
defence budget meant for equipping and
training the military to effectively battle Boko
Haram? Why were thousands of ill-equipped
and ill-trained Nigerian military officers and
soldiers forced to confront the well-equipped
Boko Haram and face certain death? Why were
hundreds of military personnel unlawfully
sentenced to death for refusing to fight the
insurgents being ill-equipped? Who sent
military helicopters to evacuate Badeh’s family
members from Vimtim, a suburb of Mubi, just a
few hours before terrorists attacked and laid
siege to Mubi and the environs? How was it
possible for over 200 Chibok schoolgirls to be
abducted and successfully moved from location
to location with the military checkpoints
marking virtually every kilometer at the time in
Borno state?
Alex Badeh and his likes, who took advantage of
insurgency to pocket the money meant to help
to fight Boko Haram, should not be allowed to
go unpunished. President Muhammadu Buhari
should immediately order a probe into the
finances and activities of Nigerian Armed Forces
under the leadership of Alex Badeh. He should
be made to answer for the crimes against more
than 170 million Nigerians.

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and public affairs commentator from Ilorin,
Kwara state.
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