President Buhari In “Me And My Big Mouth” Situations: Why Disclose What Should Be Kept? #Beekhaybee

Editor’s note: During the recent high-profile
visits to a number of western countries
including the US and Germany, President
Muhammadu Buhari made several controvercial
statements that, on a guest author Dr
Tunde Olufon’s opinion, could tarnish the
reputation of Nigeria on the international
political arena.
At the age of 72, President Muhammadu Buhari
is relatively young compared to the
contemporary astute world leaders, who have
distinguished themselves in alertness of mind,
comprehension and expression at the local and
international levels. President Buhari is famous
for frugal lifestyle favouring socialist ideologies/
policies, and should, therefore, perform
creditably in terms of rebuilding Nigeria from
Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe , 91 years old;
Queen Elizabeth of England, 89 years old; Beji
Caid Essebsi of Tunisia, 88 years old; Raul
Castro of Cuba, 84 years old; Paul Biya of the
Cameroon, 82 years old; and Mahmoud Abbas
of Palestine, 80 years old, are still bona fide
heads of their countries, and perform the state
duties optimally.
Can we safely conclude that President Buhari
has caught an “old-age syndrome” , or he is
suffering from memory loss, relapse or
dysfunction in view of embarrassing gaffes
during his recent official visit to the United
States of America?
During the tete-a-tete meeting with President
Barack Obama, high-level talks, press
conferences and even the meeting with the US
Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO), the
president made a number of “accidental slips” ,
which turned out to be diplomatically noticeable
and very embarrassing.
– While talking to President Obama, Buhari
referred to his party as the All Progressive
People’s Congress instead of the All
Progressives Congress! His host, a man of 53,
“mistakenly”, according to the US press,
referred to Nigeria as the country bringing
peace and stability to the Eastern Africa instead
of Western Africa.
– President Buhari published a personal
opinion column in the Washington Post, in
which he disclosed his plans to defeat terrorism
and Boko Haram insurgency, including his
intention to appoint ministers in September,
2015. It was totally contrary to the diplomatic
norms and international practice, and resulted in
the indictment against Buhari’s administration.
During the parley with the NIDO members in
America and Canada President Buhari:
– Accused the former Nigerian ministers of
selling about one million barrels of crude oil per
day and transferring the money to their personal
– Alleged: “Two hundred and fifty thousand
barrels of Nigerian crude are being stolen per
day, and people sell and put the money into the
individual pockets” adding that the US and
other developed countries were assisting
Nigeria to “trace such accounts” .
“We will ask that such accounts be frozen and
prosecute the persons. The amount involved is
mind-boggling…We will trace and repatriate
such money, and use the documents to
prosecute them.”
– Expressed doubts if the fuel subsidy was ever
removed, transport, housing and food prices
would go out of control, and the average worker
would suffer untold hardships. “ Who is
subsidizing who? The people are gleefully
saying “remove subsidy.” They want petrol to
cost N500 per litre. If you are working, and
subsidy is removed, you can’t control transport
and market women, the cost of food, the cost of
– Lamented: “Corruption in Nigeria has virtually
developed into a culture where honest people
are abused.”
The most vexatious and inciting of all US
disclosures was the president’s analytical
position on sharing the formula of the
democracy dividends. There have been
insinuations since the APC’s victory at the 2015
polls that President Buhari might punish the
states that did not vote for him. At an
interactive session at the US Institute of Peace
(USIP), in answer to what would become of the
Niger Delta amnesty programme and the issue
of inclusive government, the president said: “I
hope you have a copy of the election results.
Literally, constituencies, for example that gave
me 97% cannot in all honesty be treated on
some issues with constituencies that gave me
5%. I think these are political realities. Certainly,
there will be justice for everybody, but well, the
parties in constituencies that by sheer hard
work got their people to vote and ensured that
their votes counted, they must feel that the
government has appreciated the effort they put
in putting the government in place. I think this
is really fair.”
All the above sensitive and confidential
information, intended exclusively for the
Nigerian capable and efficient anti-crime, anti-
graft/security agencies, bureaucrats and
technocrats, was first-hand divulged to the
hostile outside world for the reasons still
baffling the citizenry.
What were the intentions of Mr President for
exposing such damaging, detestable and
discreditable characteristics of his country to
the Americans, who used to despise and
virtually abandon Nigeria for the reasons of
endemic corruption and appalling human rights
records? Why did he decide to “wash the dirty
linen” before those, who used to snub and
disrespect Nigeria?
We are prone to believe that President Buhari’s
gaffes at the United States, the G7 meeting in
Germany and those occurred during the heated
electoral campaigns were exhibitions of the
frailty, fallibility and imperfection of the human
species. People must depend on divine
knowledge and wisdom to perform creditably,
optimally and at full capacity.
President Buhari, who was denied the most
desirable arms deal request to defeat Boko
Haram, now sulked and castigated the United
States for aiding the terrorists with the deadly
bombings and incessant killings to date.
According to the Council of Foreign Relations,
over 2.600 people have been killed by Boko
Haram since January 2015.
Now what about the statement that President
Buhari would favour some states more than the
others in the distribution of the democracy
Tongues have begun to wag! The southern and
south-eastern states have already read several
meanings – including religious, tribal and
nepotistic – from the central government, and
are warming up to protest if the president
carries out the resolved agenda.
Can we safely pass the first citizen and father of
the nation’s position as senile delusion? No! As
far as we can decipher all the codes in all the
speeches, we strongly believe that the president
was only going through a teething problem that
was bound to occur in between the first and the
subsequent 99 days in office.
President Buhari needs all Nigerians’ prayers
and counselling to overcome the avalanche of
economic and social corruptive tendencies and
insecurity challenges stemmed from the bad
government of the past 16 years. He cannot
afford to fail God, who chose him above other
contenders for the exalted position.
A message from God to President Muhammadu
“For the purpose to purge Nigeria my country
from all filthiness, adulteration and corruption of
its past and present, holy to me, I have chosen
you. You are not too old for the assignment;
otherwise, I would have rejected you. You are
neither slow, nor sluggish; you are on the right
track, for I am your Guiding Light. Do not listen
to the detractors or the opposition that are
bereft of ideas, but remain focussed, follow my
directives, and you will definitely surprise the
world, as you will turn the fortune of Nigeria
around in the next four years to be rated
among the first 20 economically viable nations
in the world.
“When I called Abraham at the age of 75, he
performed creditably, and became the father of
faith and my friend.
“I called Moses at 80 to take a stubborn and
stiff-necked nation to the Promised Land, and
he fulfilled his assignment, overcame all
challenges and obtained the crown of glory.
“I instructed Noah at the age of 280 to
construct the ark, he obeyed, and when I
released rains over the wicked world, he and the
chosen were saved, and he recorded a total of
950 years of life before I recalled him!
“Remember my inspirational words saying: “All
things work together for good for those, who
love God, who are called according to His
purpose,” and you will succeed as your
The doctrine of equal share must be judiciously
employed to pacify the stakeholders of the
Nigerian contract! Or was the following US
speech an “afterthought”?
“According to the Constitution, no state can be
disenfranchised by the government. Even if you
want to show gratitude to those constituencies
that voted for you, those that didn’t’ should
nevertheless have the protection of government.
“You once said: “I belong to everybody, and I
belong to nobody.” If you are still going to
marginalize a certain group, because it didn’t
vote for you, then you have already contradicted
yourself. I am sure the people will be quick to
pick that.”
The president could not have said it better. We
do hope that those, who are already picking
holes in the “lopsided appointments” , will bury
the hatchet and wait patiently for other
appointments that would favour them too.
President Buhari will be divinely guided!
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