Tyga- I don’t owe rent, I’m buyin’ the darn house!!! #Beekhaybee


Tyga says the eviction lawsuit his landlord filed
against him is false, because he’s NOT a renter …
he’s a homebuyer.
According to Tyga, he made a down payment
of $200,000 on the Calabasas mansion a full year
ago and the landlord told him he could move in
during escrow, without paying any rent.
Tyga says the escrow was supposed to close
many months ago, but didn’t because the seller
didn’t provide Tyga’s bank with info that would
allow the loan to be processed.
However, the landlord says Tyga is lying and is a
His lawyer, Lee Hutton, tells TMZ, “We evidently
live in a world where a man’s word is no
longer his bond.”