PMB’s Administration – Government Of Change That Listens To Us! #Beekhaybee

Editor’s note: Undoubtedly, a good government
is one that is sensitive to the people’s
opinions; there are no two ways about it. Can
this be said about President’s Buhari
administration? guest columnist
Arinze Esomnofu is convinced it can, and bring
about the facts that prove him right.
The government of change headed by President
Buhari has proved to pay close attention to the
public outcries, and it is indeed a sign of the
democrat in Buhari. Thumbs up, sir!
Neutralizing evils of Biafra
Firstly, I raised the issue of hate messages
against the federation that my people hear every
day under the disguise of Radio Biafra. If the
radio and its leader, Nnamdi Kanu, are not
brought to investigation, they will bring about a
calamitous dent to the image of the
southeastern people, and lead to violence in the
region, which I decisively oppose.
Disrobing Biafra, whether through print or
online media, is never an easy task, because it
is seen as the “Holy Grail” of us Igbos, for we
grew up on the touching war stories. But it
does not mean I will keep silent when someone
tries to pursue a personal agenda forging on
the weak sides of my people and calling Nigeria
a zoo.
The complaint was forwarded by me and other
columnists and political commentators through
different articles focused on the radio and
Nnamdi Kanu. The government of change has
not only looked into it, but also sprung into
action by blocking the transmission of the
station and going after its engineers . Great
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Following the federal character
Later on, I made an overview of the
appointments made by President Buhari that
were to a large extent North-favouring.
President Buhari responded through his senior
special assistant on media and publicity, Garba
Shehu. He stated that the president still had
numerous appointments to make, and, as the
Constitution stipulated, he was going to abide
by the federal character. “I think President
Muhammadu Buhari is sensitive to the diversity
of this country… Therefore, why would anybody
use less than 10 appointments to judge the
president on this matter?… This government will
make as many as 6,000 appointments. And he
is bound, even if he doesn’t wish it, by the
Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to
reflect federal character.”
True to these words, the director general of the
Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety
Agency (NIMASA), Mr Ziakede Akpobolokemi,
was fired, and on Tuesday July 21, Mr Calistus
Obi from Ihiala local government of Anambra
state was appointed acting head of NIMASA.
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Weeks After Buhari Fired Him
Two week ago, after careful observation of
Nigerians’ reactions, President Buhari appointed
new service chiefs. This time around they were
not from one region, and the decision was made
based strictly on meritocracy. Once again,
kudos to the government of change !
When the infamous decision to remove the
military checkpoints nationwide was taken by
President Buhari, it was immediately followed
by strong public disapproval. While a few
political commentators opined that the
president, as a man of military background,
would stick to the guns, he listened to the voice
of Nigerians and reversed the decision.
Prioritising the needs of Nigerians
To crown the piece, let me cite an article by
Dele Momodu titled “An afternoon with
President Buhari” : “Fellow Nigerians, let me
confess that in over 30 years of writing, no
president has ever reacted directly or positively
to my constant admonitions, lamentations or
commendations. Rather, most of the time, their
aides, cronies and acolytes used to fire darts
and barbs at us from every direction.” Dele
Momodu has said it all: during 30 years of
writing, only Muhammadu Buhari, a president of
the most populous black nation, has shown
humility and genuine interest in public opinion.
Don’t get me wrong: no one should opine that
the president only makes corrections after
taking a wrong step, far from it. I have
witnessed different scenarios, when a leader
makes a terrible decision and stands by
it either saying the decision will be appreciated
in course of time, or that the decision was made
for the national security reasons.
At the junction, fellow citizens, change is
coming to us in a form of a listening president.
For once in a long time our opinions matter,
and they are sharp like the edge of a sword.
Irrespective of the fact that democracy is
presently reigning in Nigeria, I would also
call our form of government “opintocracy” – a
government based on public opinion.


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