LP Is Not Happy With Hasty Sack Of Service Chiefs #Beekhaybee

Unlike the majority of Nigerians, the Labour
Party (LP) is not extremely excited over the
sack of the service chiefs by President
Muhammadu Buhari. The presidency announced the decision
yesterday. Moreover, the candidacies of new
military seniors were directed to the National
Assembly for clearance. Amid the intensified
Boko Haram attacks, the decisive step
was greeted with applause. The LP, however, alleged that Buhari acted in a
hurry, Daily Post reports. The party national
chairman Abdulkadir Abdulsalam made the
official position known through the statement
issued on Monday, July 13. READ ALSO: Don’t Expect Miracles From Buhari’s Service Chiefs – Aliyu “It is my candid opinion that Mr. President should
have exercised a little restraint in sacking the
service chiefs; he should not have taken that
action in a hurry. He should have considered the
totality of what is on ground. But the fact of the
matter is that his action may have also been informed by the security report he had. We do
not know what is available to him, which made
him take that action hastily the way he did it. “But whatever the information in possession of
the president, it is our candid opinion that the
president should have waited for some time, to
still try the service chiefs before they were
bundled out of office. Buhari should have waited
because he seems to be acting on the basis of trial and error. Probably, they must have advised
him regarding the removal of checkpoints. READ ALSO: Saraki Opposes Buhari, Says President Doesn’t Need Senate Approval For
Chiefs Appointment “Buhari made pronouncements and removed
the checkpoints; no sooner had he removed the
checkpoints, then insecurity escalated and Boko
Haram started unleashing terror. The
government had to eat its word and returned
the checkpoints. It is not good enough for a government that has been advocating change.“ While some think the decision was taken hastily,
the others are sure that it is even late in arriving. A former military chief, who pleaded for
anonymity, said it had been expected much
earlier, “on the day he [Buhari] was inaugurated”.