GEJ’s Ambition Destroyed Traditional Institutions – NSCIA #Beekhaybee

The Secretary General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, has said that the ex-president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s led administration bastardized almost everything, including the Sacred and our traditional institutions in his desperation to seek a second term in office. goodluck-jonathan_2745283b_1 The former Vice chancellor of the University of
Ilorin, who said this while speaking various
national issues, advised President Muhammadu
Buhari not to end up like his predecessor. When asked about his feelings on the involvement
of some religious leaders and religious bodies in
the murky water of partisan politicking during the
last general elections, he said: “I don’t know what
the definition of religious leaders is. But by
whatever definition, I don’t consider myself a religious leader. I just consider myself as one of the
operators of the system. “I believe that it’s not just religion. I believe that the
last administration bastardized almost everything,
including the Sacred and our traditional
institutions. If we face the reality, you’ll know that
they are not in the perception of the public. They
are no longer what they used to be. Even politicians, nobody takes any politician seriously
now. Even the so-called religious leaders could not
have been an exception. “I believe that what happened was a
bastardization of the system. It will take a person
with a strong character to keep himself or herself
out of the madness. As for me, I saw it as people
being short-sighted. The whole thing will go as it
has gone in one way or the other. But we should learn some lessons. The community, particularly
are our Christian brothers who are unduly
dragged unnecessarily for very selfish and
personal reasons. “There were some credible leaders like Cardinal
John Onaiyekan and Bishop Josiah Atkins Idowu-
Fearon and others who took principled positions.
But there were some others who were not hesitant
in dragging religion into the dirty waters of politics.
Of course, we heard rumors about our people too. But as Muslims, the leadership of the Nigerian
Supreme Council made it clear in unmistakable
terms that we should not be dragged into politics. He warned that nobody should allow material
attraction to drag the name of Islam into the mud
through selfish interests. READ ALSO: Transformation Agenda Is Not Jonathan’s or PDP’s Thing – NPC Official “By and large, we have rumors of few and
insignificant people, who allowed themselves to be
used. Of course, they were not given the real
money. They were given just pittance and they
eventually regretted what they did. They
discovered that they were just being used for reasons that were not of national interest. So, I
believe that we should learn a lesson from what
has happened. “I hope this new government will be different. You
have to put so many question marks on people
these days. But I hope that they will be different in
terms of making things to work properly. This will
happen when they do not exploit people for
selfish and personal reasons and destroy national institutions. Only God helped us with the last
administration. “There was nothing sacred that was not touched;
Christians against Muslims, Hausa against Beron,
Beron against Igbo, Igbo against everything. They
were just looking for anything that will pull the
country down. I didn’t know why they had to do
that. But we thank God that at the end of the day, it didn’t pay. That should be a lesson for anybody
who wants to tamper negatively with the interest
of this nation,” he said. Meanwhile Governor of Nasarawa state, Umaru Al-
Makura, has come to the defense of Goodluck
Jonathan as he accused the former Minister of
Information, Labaran Maku, of having set former
President Goodluck Jonathan against the
Northerners when he was in office. Al-Makura claimed that Maku’s hostile tendencies
along with ethnic and religious lines helped fuel
the crises in the state.