Germany shooting: Man arrested over two deaths. #Beekhaybee #Bbcnews

An 18-year-old German man has been arrested after an
elderly woman and a cyclist were shot dead near the
town of Ansbach, police have said.
The suspect fired at them from his car, killing both at the
scene, officials said. He also shot at two others who escaped
After a manhunt, the suspect was detained at a service
His motive is not yet clear but it is thought he may have
attacked because of personal reasons.
Police suspect the dead woman, an 82-year-old, is related to
the gunman. The suspect’s identity has not been released.
The first shooting came in the village of Tiefenthal, the
second a short time after in nearby Rammersdorf.
The local Nuernberger Zeitung newspaper said the suspect
was captured by workers at the petrol station, after
threatening them with a gun.
They then tied him up and contacted the police.
Siegfried Hess, the mayor of Leutershausen, which
incorporates Tiefenthal, said he was “stunned”.
“In a place with 5,500 inhabitants where we have always had
a quiet life, we only know this kind of situation from
television,” he told the DPA agency.
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